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How accurate is gc/ct urine testing?

A few weeks ago I had a condom break on me during intercourse.  About a week later I started to notice mild itching and light discharge.  By the two week mark I had gotten tested and all my results came back negative. I was under the impression that  these tests were very sensitive.  Is it possible to show negative regardless of having symptoms?  If so,  what in the heck is wrong with me?
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Tests are very accurate. If you urinated shortly before the test then yes could show negative.

See a Dr to discuss symtpoms.
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It depends on the test but the most common tests are about 98% sensitive and usually 100% specific. Nothing is 100% but you can't beat that in a diagnostic test.
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Thanks for the speedy response.  It had been at least 2 hours since I had urinated  prior to taking the test. I urinated when I got up that morning and the next time wasn't until providing the test specimen.
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