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IgG Positive for Herpes Simplex 1

Dear Doctor,

My husband was tested positive chlamydia but negative for herpes one day after he had sex with "pros". He had oral sex and was wearing condom. The next two days he had sex with me. A week after he discovered that he has positive chlamydia he asked me to do the std test. (This sound ridiculous! Of course I'm mad, feeling down & depressed)

I am very surprised that I am negative for chlamydia but positive for herpes simplex 1 (by doing IgG test). I never have sex with other man except my husband in my whole life. I never have symptom or outbreak in my whole life too.

We have been married for 12 years. My qestions are:-

1) Where I got that herpes if my husband is negative?
2) If I have herpes earlier, why my husband is not infected?
3) Can herpes simplex 1 can infected through sex?
3) Can he gets HIV if the condom that he wore was fully covered? Or, when he removed the condom? If yes, how fast HIV can be detected?

Please help!!
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Let me correct the above, my husband had oral sex without condom and sex with condom.
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were you treated for chlamydia? if he had it and had sex with you there is a high chance you have it and the test did not catch it. HSV1 is very common, nearly 90% of the world has it. If you have a cold sore or anything like that, that is HSV1. And if the sex was protected, you cannot get HIV.
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Have you ever had a cold sore?  This is what Herpes 1 usually is.  It is rare for it to be found in the genitals. You can learn more about it in the herpes forum.  

Also you corrected that he had unprotected oral sex and protected sex.  Chlamydia is not likely to transmit from oral sex.  This is why you didn't get it.  He never had it in the first place. Now, if he had symptoms of something, it was probably NGU which is thought to be caused by chlamydia.  But really, the bacteria in the mouth is not natural for the penis and this will cause an infection sometimes.  Women can sometimes be affected also but you have tested negative, so I would like to think you did not get anything from his mistake.

Please direct any further questions on herpes you may have in the herpes forum.
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Thank you so much for replying!! Since my chlamydia is negative, I was not treated for it. Since you said that the possibility the test did not catch it, I will do the test again.

As I remember, I never have any such thing like cold sore. Is that possibility that the IgG is false positive. My IgG result :

Result :24
Negative : <16
Equivocal : 16-20
Positive: 20

My husband result is negative for HIV. However, I believe that was two early to detect HIV. I just need to console myself that there's no HIV since he was using condom. But,he said he is also afraid if the bottom of his penis touched the outer part of the vagina. Is that possible to be infected by HIV?

I have to put aside about how I feel. My concern is my 4 children. I don't want them to be infected too.

Please help me.....

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No.  A significant amount of fluid needs to be transmitted from her to him via his urethra.  And since he had on a condom, that did not happen.  The only std's transmitted by skin to skin contact are HPV, Herpes, and syphilis.  You should post your test results in the herpes forum. The moderator there is an expert in the subject and can explain them to you.  I do know that certain tests are unreliable.  Grace can tell you which ones.  

It is slightly possible you got a false result by testing a bit too early.  So, you could get tested for chlamydia again but really, it is highly unlikely to have passed through oral sex.  Your husband could have also had a false positive.
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Thank  you, I will post me & husband result in the herpes forum.
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Herpes 1 is very comon over 90% of population has this. It is possible you aquired this through childhood and never knew you had it. Testing for cymid after 1 day is too soon for accurate results wait 5 to 7 days. GL.
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I think you misunderstood what she wrote?  Her husband tested one week or 9 days after if you base it on when she and her husband had sex. So, his testing time was within the recommended range.  Hers was at least 5 days after her exposure.  Neither of them tested too soon.
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For clarification:-

My husband had sex with pros on 28/4. He did the test on 29/04.
We had sex on 30/04. I did the testing on 07/05.

Thank you for your help. I feel relieve.
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Ok.  So, I misunderstood.  My apologies.  HealthAdvisory was completely correct about the timing.  It sounds to me like he was scared he passed on something to you and just came clean about the situation.
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Well... you helped me. I feel better. TQ
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