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complications from untreated gonorreah

I had gonorreah in my throat for a month without knowing it just thought I had strep throat. But besides a sore throat now I'm having pains in my sides and stabbing muscle pains in my arms hands and feet and feel nauseous most of the time. I just got treated but forgot to ask about these other things. How long after contracting gonorreah does it take for the more serious symptoms of it being left untreated take to start.

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Hi, when we speak of the damaged caused by untreated gono, its usually in the genital area and with men can spread to the testes and women to the other interior parts and cause PID.
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Yes I have read that but I also read that it can spread to the blood and heart and nerve system in some cases. So with the weird stuff going on with other parts of my body I was wondering if I've had it long enough for it to do that.
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