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2 white flaky quarter-sized skin rashes. Help!

Hello, I am very concerned/stress about a discovery I made about two weeks ago.

I have found two quarter-sized, dry, white flaky skinned spots. One is on my buttocks and one is right beside my penis and scrotum (but not touching them) in the crevice where my thigh and groin meet. They do not itch at all, I was surprised to find them when I did. I would really appreciate some advice concerning them.

I have looked online, but of course I found a whole bunch of different things that made me worry in different ways. From jock itch to an STI, I have no idea what to think of these. I would appreciate anyone's assistance in this matter and will gladly follow up with additional information if needed. Thank you for your time!

As much as I can describe:

- 22 years-old; Male
- 6'0'' 150lb
- quarter-sized round white flaky spots (2)
- no itch
- I was last sexually active in January 2011 with my girlfriend of 1-year and a half.
- We always always use condoms as she is not on birth control.
- My girlfriend has had a urinary infection and yeast infection after having sex with me
- I went to a doctor asking for information about male yeast infection at my girlfriend's request and the doctor told me that it was natural for my girlfriend to have such symptoms after sex. The doctor said it's just how some women's bodies work. She told me I would definitely know if I had a yeast infection, at that time I did not have these rashes or spots.
- Girlfriends before her have not reported having yeast infections, urinary infections, or any such symptoms.
- I thought it was perhaps jock itch, as I have been waking up lately sweating. The spot on my buttocks suggests otherwise.

I have taken a picture of the spot on my buttocks (don't worry it only shows the skin with the spot and nothing else) and set it as my profile picture.

I intend to go and visit an STI clinic tomorrow, but any prior news is welcomed because I'm really stressing out about this.
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we don't look at pictures no matter what the body part. why not is explained in our read before posting post on the forum.

stop back and let us know how your appointment went. this could be any number of things but it's not likely you have a std causing you symptoms on 2 different body parts like that.

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I was prescribed some Clotrimazole topical cream. I picked some up at Shopper's Drug Mart. The doctor said that it was a "very common" fungal infection.
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glad you were seen and got answers :)
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