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21 y/o Diagnosed With Molluscum, Spread to New Area, Desparate to Get Rid Of!

Hi there

I have been dithering whether to post something here and it's about time I did it as I'm getting really depressed about this now.

About 2 months ago, I found a small cluster of what seemed to be spot-like bumps, about 1-2mm wide each on my inner thigh, which quickly spread individually across my legs either side. At first I thought it was just a bit of acne as I have also been suffering with acne for many years on other parts of my body. My doctor diagnosed me with Molluscum Contagiosum and referred me to the GUM clinic where I had confirmation that it was Molluscum. I advised them that the last time I had any sexual contact was around a year ago, which confuses me (Maybe I caught them from a toilet seat?). They told me that it's nothing to worry about and that I could pop the lesions and they will go away.

Well for about a month I have been popping the lesions but they just kept spreading across my inner thighs. After popping each lesion, I have been covering each one up with Germolene New Skin which is very similar to a liquid/spray plaster but is more accurate to apply. After a bit of research, I assumed that perhaps I was causing them to spread by popping them (Despite carefully trying not to allow blood to spread and also use alcohol to sterilise). So for the past month I have simply left them alone, but still using the Germolene New Skin to cover each lesion up. It seems that they are no longer spreading on my thighs but I am not 100% sure.

However! Sorry if this sounds graphic, but a few days ago I noticed around 5 new lesions very close/surrounding my anus. They are larger than the normal Molluscum lesions and are about 4mm wide each, some also look a bit sore. I have been checking this area occassionally and this is the first time I have noticed them. One appears to be causing a little bit of slight discomfort.

Basically, I would let to get some advice regarding this situation as I'm becoming very depressed about this skin condition and feel much, much worse now that I know that they seem to be popping up in new, and awkward areas. I am DESPARATE to get rid of this, particularly because I am now entering a relationship and of course the Molluscum are located in intimate areas.

Please can anyone be of assistance and give me any possible advice on dealing with this and getting rid of it.

Thank you very much to all for reading and I look forward to your advice!

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It's time to go back to the clinic for additional follow up. Ask them to either prescribe aldara cream for you for them ( or a similar product ) or to remove them/freeze them/burn them off with acid for you ( I know - that all sounds so painful but it's not as bad as it sounds ...well not for too long ).  They can check out  your anal area to see if that looks like mc too or not.

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Hi grace,

Thank you very much for your reply, appreciated. Will any of these methods including the cream and freezing cause any scarring? Although I am extremely desparate to get rid of them, I don't really want any clear marks/scars left over. But if that's what it takes then it could be an option. I've read that it can last up to 4 years which I seriously can't see my coping with!

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The skin on your thighs and such shouldn't scar. There might be some slight scarring on the genital skin but even that usually is so light that you can barely see it and it fades away over time.  

Yeppers - I couldn't deal with it for a few years either myself even if it is just a cosmetic issue.

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OK, just an update, I visited my GUM clinic today and had them have another look.

Despite being diagnosed with Molluscum from two prior examinations by two different doctors (brief examinations though!), the doctor I saw today had a really good look and said that she was not convinced it was Molluscum. So she wanted a second opinion and called the senior doctor in charge to have a look, she also agreed that she wasn't convinced.

However, she had a look at all problem areas and said they look much more like folliculitis but could possibly be a mix of both Molluscum and folliculitis (She even tried squeezing some lesions). Leaving me really confused. They both agreed that it is nothing to worry about at all and that I should just leave them alone entirely, but wash as normal, and they should go away in a few months. They did not mention any treatments at all and said it was not required, despite me saying they were really making me depressed! (They were really understanding though!)

So now I'm stuck with them for however long which still upsets me a little. I do feel a bit better though as they told me not to bother with any 'covering up' or treatments, but am really confused on what I actually have or anything.

If anyone is in a similar situation, please let me know! And again, if anyone has any more advice, please help!

Thank you
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Sometimes its just really hard to diagnose bumps.  :(

The GUM clinic won't do it, but if you have a regular doctor, he/she can biopsy it and see once and for all what it is.

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Thanks for your reply.

I think I may do that, however I feel a lot less worried about it now as I have been thinking. Sorry if this sounds a little odd. Anyway, I remember having eczema on the exact areas where the molluscum/folliculitis is on my thighs for quite a few months, possibly even a year or so. I know I used to scratch it a lot and I may have scratched with dirty hands and allowed bacteria to enter the skin. I think this may be the cause!

But now for the odd part. Whenever I use the toilet, even my own, I have an obsession with putting toilet paper down on the seat rather than sitting on the actual toilet seat itself. Its weird I know but its a bit of an obsessive thing I've been doing for years (costs me a fortune in toilet paper too!). Well to wipe, I know I have often used the toilet roll that I have sat on, which probably also has contained the bacteria/virus. And that's probably why I have these bumps on my anus.

Whether that's the cause or not I'm not toally sure but it's my theory.

My main issues now are that I am entering a new relationship and I'm afraid that I may have to avoid any skin to skin contact with my mid-lower section (eg sexual contact) which I know is going to be a problem on various levels. It really does aekm me feel depressed!

I am also not sure whether to pop any more bumps both on my thighs and anus? The doctor at the GUM clinic popped about 2 or 3 on one thigh and also one on my anus. She didn't use any methods like using iodine or anything afterwards, just left them. Does anyone have any further advice on the situation, particularly regarding whether to pop them or not? Just really want to get rid of them now and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle!

Thank you for reading (Sorry for the long comment!), I'll keep checking back for any replies!
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