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22 yo Male, Fever and Swollen Lymph Nodes

I am very concerned that I have HIV or another STI. I recently have swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my neck and left side of my groin. I also have a fever of about 99 - 100. Here are the series of events for the past three months:

6/8 - Had unprotected sex with my girlfriend.

6/15 - Had unprotected sex with my girlfriend. Had not had sex with her since then because of our summer jobs being in different cities.

7/30 - Noticed 2 bumps on the shaft of my penis and microscopic white head looking bumps on the tip of my penis. Penis was more reddish looking than normal. Went to urgent care and saw an MD. Had full STI panel: Urine for Trichomonas, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis; Herpes 1 and 2 antibody blood work; HIV 5th Generation test; Herpes Culture (VCM); and Hep C test. All the results came back negative. From a physical exam, the doctor say she really does not think it is herpes and the bumps and reddish look looked more like a mild yeast infection. She recommended just diligent washing.

7/31 - 8/4 - On 7/31, I applied Monostat to my penis and noticed extreme irritation and burning. I did not use it again. I felt feverish at work and sometimes cold while sitting at my desk. Never took my temperature as I was at work. I had to put on my jacket sometimes. By the time I got home, I no longer felt feverish.

8/5 - I went back to the clinic and saw a different MD. I had heightened blood pressure and pulse, probably from anxiety and I do have white coat syndrome. I mentioned to the doctor that I felt feverish but my temperature came back as 98.6. He did a physical exam and exclaimed that the bumps are nothing and are normal. He say it looks like mild irritation. He told me that it seems that I have a lot of anxiety and recommended that I should see someone on my college campus to talk to when I get back to school. He did a full blood test. Everything came back in range. My Vitamin D levels were low but that is probably attributed not being in the sun this summer. I started to take Vitamin D supplements.

My WBC was 9.2 with the range being 4 - 11. I am concerned about my neutrophils which were 68.9% and the range is 40 - 70% for that.

8/17 - I proceeded to feel fine since 8/5 and the bumps on my penis did not change shape or size and did not follow any the details of herpes lesions (blister look, oozing, etc.). I went to a urologist and explained everything. He did a very in depth physical exam and said that there is nothing wrong. The bumps look like papules and it seems there is mild irritation. He attributed the irritation to being in sweaty environments, etc.

8/21 - Started to apply a triple antibiotic cream to my penis.

8/22 - Stopped antibiotic application. Noticed heightened heart rate when laying in bed that night almost as if I was having a panic attack. My head was throbbing.

8/23 - Had a headache when I woke up in the morning. Took ibuprofen. Started to apply Clotrimazole twice a day and Miconozole powder at night.

8/24 - Noticed a lump on my neck where my neck meets my shoulder. A visible pea size lump appeared above my Adam's apple. I noticed tenderness behind my left year and a need to itch my ear a few days ago but is no longer itchy. Didn't feel 100% and had headache.

8/25 - Another lump under my chin formed. Took ibuprofen in the morning to suppress headache. Felt fine for the rest of the day. Took a hot shower and noticed a fever spike. Fever spiked to about 100.2. Felt very fatigued and lost appetite (couldn't eat dinner). Went to bed and still had 100ish fever but definitely felt as if it was going up. Took Ibuprofen. Fever suppressed 2 hours later. I regained appetite at 12 AM and proceeded to have a midnight snack. I did initially sweat after that but that is probably because the room was warm. I put a fan on and felt better.

8/26 - Woke up with a 99.7 fever and mild headache. Noticed swollen lymph node on the left side of my groin. Neck is stiff.

I am really concerned that I have something serious and have major anxiety that nothing has shown up in the tests I have taken. What could this possibly be? Thank you!
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