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26 and feeling 16 & stupid... Thoughts, please!

A week ago, I started my period early Saturday morning. Had unprotected sex (with someone I've known for years and trust) Sunday night and took Plan B on Tuesday morning. After noticing that I started spotting and altogether stopped my period that Monday. The only reason I hadn't taken Plan B on Monday is because the medications that I take daily had a strong chance of counteracting with it. So, I had to wait until the next day and not take my daily meds for a few days.

(Side note: He never had his release inside me. The "pull out" method, if you will)

Well, Wednesday I was relieved when it seemed like I had started my period again, but it was only that bleeding once and since then just spotting here and there. Now yesterday, exactly one week since my period had originally started, I have this pale, light yellow discharge with a funky odor.

I've had the vaginal bacterial infections before, but I have no redness, no pain or burning and no problems urinating...

I've read a lot online and I'm concerned the pill failed and I'm pregnant or something worse... Any thoughts?

This morning, there is no discharge, no odor and no spotting... I'm still concerned because I know 50% of women don't show symptoms in some STD's. YAY us.

I'm dying here, scrambling my brain with all these thoughts spinning around at 200+mph.
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In your situation it would be best to see your Dr for an exam and maybe some testing.
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Thanks. :)

I've been trying to get in, but cannot be seen until the end of the month. I've even tried to calling a new doctor's office. Funny, that when it wasn't urgent I could be seen same day. Now, no matter where I call, I explain my situation and still have to wait 3 weeks. Life. :)  
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