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4 little bumps

Several days ago I noticed 2 red bumps on my pubic area below my stomach. They don’t hurt but I thought they were pimples and tried to pop them. When I did they bled a little bit so I left them alone after that. Yesterday I woke up and found 2 more bumps but these were white, they don't hurt either.But I thought they were a couple of ingrown hairs so I tried to pop one, when I did nothing came out not even a little blood. Do I have something or is it just some clogged pours.
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Hi, in the world of std,s gential sores and such could be herpes related but getting them in the area most often means a recurrent outbreak meaning youve most likely had an out break there before. Of course only testing would confirm but they really appear more of infected hair follicals esp with the white puss as herpes sore are not puss filled.
If your sexually active maybe best to get a herpes blood test or have the sores swabbed to confim your status for the protection of others.
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