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My chest and back (mainly) but also my body in general has been itchy for about 6 months now. In addition, the last month I have been having this bad taste in my mouth. I brush my teeth atleast twice a day and I think this may be related to the itching. I went to a dermatologist and he told me to come back at 6 months if I was still itching (which I am on and off again....it comes and goes especially at night) This made me think it could possibly be scabies since its mainly itchy at night but one doctor told me he didn't think it was. Im itchy in the day but not as much usually. I'm also going to the dentist to get checked up on because my mouth has had a bad smell and in addition I have noticed that the top of my mouth is a weird color. Sometimes my mouth seems to have a white coating on it but that comes and goes as well. Im thinking its not an STD now and maybe something else. The only weird thing is that all of my symptoms have seemed to start shortly after I hooked up with someone 6 months ago. I'm still a virgin but we both participated in oral sex and made out. I got checked for a lot of STD's and all came out negative so its such a confusing and irritating process of trying to figure out what's going on. I shouldn't have looked online cause obviously your mind wonders and I thought maybe HIV, but after 3 months it came back negative. Do you have any ideas as to what it could be? Im now starting to think yeast or maybe diabetes .....I know the only for sure way is to keep on going back to the doctor and not self diagnose myself but I have had such a bad time with the doctors.
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Can't tell you anything because this is a STD forum and you have tested negative for STD's. Try the dermotology community.
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