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A bump on my penis. Should I be worried?

Hi guys!
I've got an issue so I'll list off the variables for you guys.

what?  a small about 1 mm skin color bump. underneath the skin there is a buildup or pus of some sort which is kind of hard i guess, it lacks liquidity, or seems to . 2 of these are currently on my penis. Squeezing them does not help.

Where? on the top of my penis just below the scar from my circumcision.

when? I can not remember exactly, I would say it has been at least a year.

history? I have only ever used my fingers with a girl in sexual contact, and this was present before that, unless ive gone mad and cant remember correctly lol.

Symptoms? the bump is painless and does not bother me aside from the fact that it is not something i like to have for self esteem reasons.

The first thing i'd like to know is, what might this be?

if it has been present for so long and has not bothered me, should i bother seeing the doctor?

lastly what can i do to calm my nerves because i can not stop worrying about this for the past little while. WHich is funny because ive had it for so long.

ok, thank you in advance
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If you only ever used your fingers on a girl and there was no actual penetration of the vagina by the penis, then the chances of this being related to an STD is next to 0.

If this was a Syphilis sore, it would probably show up on your finger(s) with which you pleasured that girl (if there was an ruptured skin on the fingers which would allow the bacteria entry... alas, if the fingers were clean, chances of getting infected with something is again next to 0).

My advice to you would be to calm down, but go to a medical professional (dermatologist) for a checkup just in case.
Based on your description however... this doesn't appear to be related to an STD.
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