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hi there i have recently been using aldara cream for my anal warts (HPV) I have used it twice so far friday and monday. And today (tuesday) i have been feeling muscle pain, and i guess some kind of fever i feel cold or hot at various times of the day but i can function... but during the weekend i did play soccer and hockey and did sweat a lot and ran a lot. is this something to be concerned about or should i continue using aldara and if these symptoms continue talk to my doctor or should i stop all together?
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Yeah this is a side effect of aldara, almost flu like symptoms, discontinue and consult your doctor for alternatives.
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hey mitch is it okay if i discontinue aldara and not notify my doctor and just wait until my surgery date which is less than a month away? or is it really important to consult my doctor and tell him i have these side effects, which he didnt explain i may have if i take aldara he just said how to use it... i had to do my own research
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oh and by the way i can sleep for nothing when i take aldara its way to itchy i slept an hour last night... then had to sleep during the day after i washed it off but i felt so ****** very fatigued...
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You should speak to your doctor about this any sort of side effect should be reported to your doctor
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