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Actual case of STI/STD from Make Oral Sex receiving or giving?

So I have a question that I just cannot for the life of me find a definitive answer after months of searching: I am a married guy who foolishly for a few months had numerous oral encounters with other males, it was always unprotected, stupid I know. I received and gave. I have had no symptoms whatsoever, but have got really worried lately about do I have a STI I have stopped this practice months ago, but still have that nagging worry. Anyway I have searched and reviewed answer after answer of lots and lots of questions around STI from oral sex both receiving and giving, I cannot find an actual documented case of a diagnosis of anything’s from Gonorreah, Chlamydia or anything for that matter. Does anyone have a link to an actual case or description.

I have been stupid I know, but would like to understand is it just theoretical risk?
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I did a lot of research into this into this recently after having what appeared to be symptoms of chlamydia. Most likely way I would have contracted the STI was through receiving unprotected oral sex where I came in the females mouth.

It is very low risk but there is a chance you can get it. It is more likely if you had an open cut on your penis or a cut in your mouth when passing sexual fluids. However if you got it when giving it would lead to chlamydia in your mouth and an agreesive sore throat. On the penis you may have no symptoms.

Best advice would be to go and get tested and put your mind at rest.
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Hi, theres not much info out there because very few people get any std from oral sex as is considered low risk. I have seen a few cases here getting oral gono but thats about it. In theroy its a risk for herpes, syphilis and gono and a long shot for HPV.
since your married test for these for the spouses protection.
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