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Aldara cream & Menstration

Is there any link to aldara stopping your menstral cycle?  Just used stopped using it and haven't had my cycle since I used it.  Since July 2 I haven't had any menstration.  My boyfriend has a vasectomy (14 years).  I have taken like 5 pregnancy tests (all negative) and I'm looking at the calender and its been 9 weeks since any kind of flow.  I haven't used it in 2 weeks.  Im not on the pill, dont have any STIs (neither of us - tests came back).  
I had a colposcopy done beginning of August and they did do a biopsy (just to be certain all was good) and kind of hurt my cervix a lil (first time ive ever felt pain)  so Im sitting here confused and concerned.
I have since made an appointment with my family physician but that isn't for a bit yet and I would like to ease the brain pain Ive been putting myself through this last week or so.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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you tried to post on someone else's post in the expert forum. you have to pay to post there.

no, aldara won't cause you to not get your period.  

follow up with your gyn for this.

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