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Aldara cream and genital lesions

I was concerned I contracted genital herpes about a year ago. I developed one pimple like sore that I picked at until it became an open ulcer, but it went away.  I also had red itchy swollen labia, an initial vaginal discharge, anal itching, occaisonal stabbing pain in the back of my legs.  My Gyno first said I had dermatitis.  However, I had been using DMSO cream which significantly reduced the symptoms by the time I saw her.
I was able to keep the itching and redness somewhat under control with the DMSO and other natural products I purchased. But it kept coming back.  I fully expected to break out with herpes, but I never did.
My blood tests for herpes, HIV, syphillis all came back negative, as did swabs for chylamidia and gonnnerea.
Then I developed a couple of small bumps around the labial area.  I went back to my gyno.
She then told me it looked like Molluscsum Contagiosum and gave me Aldara cream to use.
Well, I used it all over my genital area for 3 days.  On the 3rd day - I developed 5 small ulcers.  They didn't hurt.
I went back to my gyno.  This time (after the negative herpes test and no new partners) she told me it looked like herpes.  She did a swab of an ulcer and it came back negative for herpes.  4 weeks later I took another blood test and it also came back negative for herpes.  The ulcers I had I suspected might have been from the Aldara cream - some sort of immune reaction.  They cleared up in 2 days (I did use Chorophor on them).
Since then I had another round of bloodwork for all of the above mentioned stds and all came back negative.  
I saw a dermatologist who did a biopsy and confirmed the molluscum.  She froze them off.
My question is - do you think the ulcers were from the Aldara cream?
Also - I am still suffering from mild itchy red labia and  anus.  I still sometimes get the shooting pains in the back of my legs and headaches - plus I have swollen glands in my neck.  Is there some other std that my doctors are missing?  Does molloscum cause all of the above mentioned symptoms?

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Molluscum probably didn't cause all of the symptoms, and its quite probable that the aldara or coraphor (please don't waste your money on this anymore - the company is being warned by the FDA about false claims), or a combination of both.

Your swollen glands, headache, etc., could just be in response to a virus in your body.  If you aren't better in a few days, follow up with your doc.

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I was prescribed Aldara/Imiquimod cream for what was thought to be a small genital wart (turns out it is not a wart).  I developed and still have these horrible small ulcer like lesions inside my labia.  My entire vaginal area became swollen, red, irritated, itchy and burns. I had flu like symptoms as well.  Please whatever you do, DO NOT use Aldara / imiquimod cream.  Turns out it eats the mucosal lining of any area, and can cause an immune system disease.  


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Just proof that doctors don't actually know what they talking about all the time. I study medical virology and I can tell you there are many unknown or barely understood viruses out there and even the known ones like HPV there are over 100 strains and most have hardly being studied cause they don't cause life threatening or severely debilitating issues.

No one likes to hear this but doctors don't have the answers and in most cases no one does. To truly diagnose it requires real research some screening PCR reactions would be a good start then DNA sequencing things doctors do not do and neither do diagnostic labs which only screen for known things. When the world of unknown viruses is vastly greater than what is known then who can tell what is slipping through the medical screening radar. Granted less and less is now days but I assure you a lot of viruses do to.
It left me with scarring around the lower head of my penis.
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