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Am I as risk of STI/HPV?

I had a body to body massage approx 6 weeks ago and as the therapist straddled me, I think her vagina may have touched my penis for 2-3 seconds and just over 2 weeks ago, I noticed a little flesh colour mark on my penis. It doesn't hurt when I touch or press is but sometimes feel an irritation when my underwear rubs against it.
It looks exactly the same as when I first noticed it so hasn't gotten any better or worse.
Could this be a STI/HPV infection?
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The short answer is, yes, it could be. The chances are slim considering the length of contact time, but, if there was genital to genital contact, it's possible. Do you have insurance? There is truly only one way to know for sure. You must get the bump biopsied. A visual inspection is what many doctors or dermatologists do, but a biopsy is the only real way. If you can, biopsy it and know for sure.
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If it was a brief touch, I doubt it. If there was any rubbing or grinding, it's possible.

It could also be a sebaceous gland, a skin tag, or a host of other things.

I agree that getting a biopsy is the way to go here.
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I'm not even 100% sure there was any genital contact but it is possible as she moved back a bit and it could have been just her buttocks that touched. I also forgot to mention that I shaved down there about 3 weeks before and wondered if that's whats causing the irritation.
If this is theoretical contact, where it might have happened, there's probably no risk here.

If you mean just her butt cheeks touched you, that's no risk. Her mucous skin (vagina, labia, anus) would need to have contact with your mucous skin (penis, anus, etc) for you to be at risk.

It's quite possible that you have shaving irritation. The only way to know is to get it checked.
I've now had it checked out and doctor took one look and said it's nothing to worry about but I've learnt a big lesson........................Never have any sexual encounters with a massage therapist!
Thanks for letting us know! We don't often get updates, so we appreciate it. :)

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