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Am I overreacting?

I have been having unprotected sex with someone for a few weeks now. As always, I went to the doctor for a STD screening afterwards. I have been suffering from BV for about four months now and was prescribed Metronidazole for six months. My symptoms cleared up for the most part, but the antibiotics can be a little sickening. I asked my GYN if there was anything I could do to prevent the BV. She examined me, swabbed me, and gave me a few suggestions of how to prevent BV. One of the suggestions was apple cider vinegar. She said it wouldn’t hurt to dilut a little apple cider vinegar with water and insert it in my vagina. I went home and took a bath with apple cider vinegar in it. I also took a q-tip with water and the vinegar and swabbed my vagina. It BURNED!! I feel as if my vagina has not felt the same since. I got my test results back a few days later and everything came back negative. I was worry free until it began to hurt when I urinated. I went to the ER whwre they tesed my urine for a UTI. It came back negative. The pills they gave me cleared everything up as far as my bladder. I was urinating when I felt a little sting by my clitoris. I thought I had cut myself shaving so I checked and there were two little pimple bumps. They hadn’t been bothering me at all until I urinated. I immediately thought herpes. I went to the ER again where they took a look. One doctor said it could be that my pee was irritating my vagina, another said it looked a lot like herpes. They took a swab of the bumps. They said there were more “sores” which I do not see anything when I spread my legs apart and look in the mirror.  The two little bumps no longer sting when I pee. I have been a WORRIED MESS about this. I scheduled an appointment with my GYN to take a look. She said she did not see anything concerning the during the last visit. Is there any other reason this could be happening?
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