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I had sex about 3 years ago, with someone i did not know very well, and I was single. The condom broke. I was in france at the time, and when I came back to Germany, I went to a obgyn for an exam and for an IUD. I was examined and swabbed with multiple swabs and let go. I asked for a test and never heard any results the next time I came in, so i assumed all was ok. I got the iud and left. Since I got the iud I have been in a very commited monogamous relationship.

Maybe it is just guilt from having a one night stand but sometimes I get very anxious thinking that maybe I might have caught something and I don't know it. My Husband and I don't use condoms and my world would shatter if he got something from me. He had surgery for his shoulder and I figured they would have done tests for bloodwork, and if there was something, the doctors would say. Now I find out that bloodwork before surgery doesn't include alot of tests.

I never had any acute symptoms after the time the condom broke with the other person. And I have never had symptoms of anything else. My mom had a false positive recently, but they did another test and turns out she is clear. I am worried that if I go get tested, my husband will think I was trying to hide something from him, and he will leave me. DH has a crazy temper and is very jealous. What should I do??  Am I over thinking all of this just because I feel guilty over a one night stand?

Today I have a swollen lymph node in each armpit, but I just visited a friend with cats (I am slightly allergic) and I started a different deoderant (which i hear can cause swolen nodes too). I am also spotting a little bit even though my period finished 2 days ago. Please help?
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someone please help??
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I am not sure exactly what you are looking for, you didn't really ask a question about STD's.

Also this is a volunteer forum, we are here when we can be here and answer questions in the order they come in.
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The question is: could I have contracted something 3 years ago from a broken condom? I thought i was tested but I found out the doctor might not have been thorough (language barrier). No symptoms, but guilt and anxiety overwhelming.
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you wouldn't be having symptoms such as you've posted about now from a std contracted 3 years ago.

bottom line is, if you are concerned and you aren't sure what all you were tested for at the time, repeat your std testing - gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, hiv and hepatitis. the peace of mind will be worth it if you are still worried about it 3 years later.

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thanks grace I will find a good doctor today.
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