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Any STD/STI risk from meeting with Escort?

Yesterday I had a tryst with an escort. There was no oral or vaginal sex during the meeting, but she did sit on my boxer region while I was wearing my underwear. I had some pre-cum on my underwear, but I don't think anything could have come from this. We kissed briefly on the lips (just a peck, nothing long or rubbing) and I had my hands full with her breasts. She then removed my boxers and gave me a handjob with lube. I saw twice she used her saliva to wet her hand and continued the handjob. I next proceeded to engage in a boobjob until I finished in between her breasts. I also rubbed my penis over her nipples a lot, and sucked and licked her breasts too.

So this is my question: Is there any chance I could have contracted any STD or STI during this encounter? I don't want to rule out HSV-1 too because we briefly kissed on the lips. I am not concerned about HIV because there was no intercourse.

For what it's worth, I have tested recently for the works and everything came back negative, even HSV-1.
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Hi what your describing is zero risk for any std in the real world.
Good to know. Is is safe to assume that there is really no risk of acquiring hsv-1 from the light kisses?
coreect no real risk
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No risk at all for any std gentitally. Realistically you can get HSV1 from sharing drinks, so certainly from kissing. Although it's technically considered an STD, most contract it before they are ever even sexually active. Many children get it from school, parents, etc.

If you don't have it, you're in the very very small part of the population that doesn't. Either way, you'll be fine. Most people have oral herpes, it is no big deal. That is comforting. What's more comforting is that most who have it don't show symptoms (cold sores), which is comforting for vanity purposes.

All that said. You are FINE! Nothing to worey about.
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