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Any Std risk ?

A few days ago I went for a massage, I found a place online indicating that no options were available and the therapists although were dressed sexy were to be sensual but strictly professional.
To my surprise, that were the case. There were no genital touching allowed. I was however fully nude and the masseuse spent lots of time on my whole body including my inner thighs and buttocks. The massage was very sensual but resulted in no hj which was beyond what I expected.
I had earlier that morning  an internal bleeding hemorrhoid that occurred at  the end of passing a stool . Although the massage didn't end up with a hj, she did spend lots of time in my buttox region, there were some slight teasing with her hands and her hair at times but no penetration . The place didn't seem as clean as I expected either. Not sure about the table being too hygienic .
Following days I have been feeling tired, sore throat like a flu starting so I'm wondering if its coincidence or mind games caused by anxiety .
1-Any std risk of any sort from the massage from oil fluids or fingers in that area?
2- should I get any tests done for stds?
3- should I refrain from sex with my wife in the mean time ?
I have been loyal to my marriage for 15 yrs, i would appreciate all your opinions to help me out with what I'm going through .
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No STD risk
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Ty for the quick reply , phew that's good news !
I'm assuming no hiv risk either ?
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Ty again ... Next time I keep my undies on
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Take them off, doesn't matter STD's have that name for a reason.
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Absolutely right , guilt messing with me I guess !  
Ty for your reassurance, I'm sure you help lots of people ease their minds ... Ty
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