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Any std risk here?

Hello as i am new to group , i just wanted to ask i was wearing women’s panties which they were 5 mins old. What if my penis came into contact with vaginal fluids or blood any std risk here?
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No, there is no risk here.

If she had a yeast infection, you might get that, but really, that's the only risk.
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What if the panties were wet and there was fresh fluids or blood and came into contact with my penis still no risk?
I know i was doing wrong, I won’t repeat again
I used to wear women’s panties 1 year back, but recently I noticed my semen yellowish with no pain. (On white cloth it’s yellow and on black is grayish to whitish)
Is this normal ?
I don't know about the right or wrong of it, and we don't judge here. Lots of men like wearing women's underwear - that's something for you to determine if it's right for you. Medically, sexually and psychologically, there's nothing wrong with it. (Heterosexual men like it, too, if that's a fear.)

If it had been 5 minutes, they weren't "wet" anymore. If there was blood, I'm assuming you'd see that. It wouldn't be a "what if" kind of question.

Loads of things can cause yellow semen, including foods you eat - https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/yellow-semen#causes

If you have no other symptoms, especially pain or itching, there's no cause to think it's anything to worry about. It's definitely not from an STD.

Chlamydia or gonorrhea can cause yellow semen, but you have to put your penis into someone's mouth, vagina or anus to get either of those.

Really, I'm sure you're fine. There's no risk here except for maybe getting a yeast infection, and that would be unlikely.
Like the panties were black so I couldn’t see properly if there was a blood or not but vaginal fluids was there i was just wearing them and feeling them, so the panties were 5 mins old no risk of any std right?
I didn’t put  my penis into someone’s mouth, vagina or anus never
Sometimes only it pains my pnis nerve from very far
No, there is no risk of any STD.

I don't know what's causing the pain in your penis, but it isn't this. If that doesn't stop, you should see your doctor. You've had no risk ever for an STD, so you don't need to tell your doctor about wearing the panties if you end up seeing one for the pain. That's private for you, and there's no medical risk, so your doctor doesn't need to know.
Thank you for your respond, rarely i have transparent ( little) discharge on my penis with no pain without sexual excitement , and when i have  sexual excitement i have white or sometimes yellow discharge with no pain is this normal?
Or it may be semen leaking out when i have sexual excitement?
With sexual excitement, it's normal to have a discharge. It's called pre ejaculatory fluid.


Without sexual excitement, it depends on when you have it. It's sometimes normal to have it in the morning, or just after urinating. It's rare, clear, and you have no pain, so that means there's no infection.

You haven't had any kind of sexual contact yet, so it's not possible that you have an STD. If you get an infection, it would most likely be a urinary tract infection, but it doesn't sound as if you have one. That causes pain when you urinate, makes it feel like you have to urinate, but you really don't, and makes you urinate more often than you usually do.

Thank you so much for your respond, Yes I didn’t had any kind of sexual contact, what if in the panties were blood (5 mins old) also coming into contact with my penis still no risk right? Yes i have clear discharge after urinating or sometimes like this only but this happens rarely, few months back i had gone to check my urine and I didn’t had urine infection and everything was fine.
What if the women’s underwear with fluids or blood coming into contact  with my pre ejaculatory fluid in my penis  any risk std risk here? that’s my last question
STD and STI are they same thing? And both no risk here?
STD and STI are the same thing - STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease, and STI means Sexually Transmitted Infection. They are just different names for the same things - gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, HPV, etc.

Since both have "sexually transmitted" in the name, it means there needs to be some kind of sexual contact in order for them to transmit. You haven't had sexual contact, so you've had no risk.

It doesn't matter if there was blood on the panties coming into contact with any of your fluids. There's no way for that blood to get into your urethra (where your semen, urine and discharge come out of).

If you were checked a few months back, and had no infection, you still have no infection.

Seriously, this is no risk at all. You are fine.
And if you like to wear panties, I'd suggest trying to find a way to buy your own, so you can wear them clean. That may not be possible right now, if you are young or live with your parents still, but at some point, it might be.

You aren't deviant or wrong or sick for liking this, if you do - if this was more than a one time experiment thing. Lots of men do. If you live in a culture where it's frowned on, just be careful.
Thank you so very much yes i will buy new women’s underwear instead of using used ones, yes i live with parents, and i will go on with my life.
Why other normal forums they say there is risk here ?
Or they are just being careful?
Sometimes my discharge without sexual excitement is white or yellow with no pain like i see from my underwear stained little, and those panties i was wearing used ones it was 4 to 5 years back.
I don't know what other forums say, and can't speak for them. I don't know why they say it's a risk, but there isn't a risk for STDs.

I've already addressed your discharge. If you think you have an infection, see your doctor. You don't need to tell him you wear women's underwear - just tell him sometimes you see a white or yellow discharge, have never had any sexual contact, but want to know if it's normal.

Get it checked so you can relax. I'm certain your fine, but put your mind at ease.
Anyway thank you so much, for helping me i think it will be normal only because I don’t have any pain and no std risk here so i will move on. Thank you so much
Not all forums they say there is a risk here only 1 or 2 said the rest said no risk. So i have to move on now
That's the problem with asking too often, or reading too many places. Not everyone knows what they're talking about. Go with the majority - most said no risk, so go with that, for sure.

Best of luck to you - you're going to be fine. :)
Thank you, you are helping so many people in this world, my last and last question do you work at STD clinic or you have a knowledge of STD?
Any kind of Discharge white or yellow ( 5 mins old) on women’s panties/underwear coming into contact with my penis also here there is no risk right? Sorry now I won’t post anything
I have worked at an STD clinic in the past. I don't currently.

I also have hsv2.

I have already answered the discharge question several times now. There is no risk for you wearing the panties except for maybe a yeast infection. I don't know how else to say that.
Okay, Thank you sooo much.
And so sorry
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