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Anyone help PLEASE!!! I'm 18. Someone with Experience help

Okay so about a month and a week ago I had unprotected sex with non-dirty girl for a few minutes. I was drunk and being stupid. She also gave me oral sex. Two weeks passed and I went through extreme anxiety worrying about an STD or HIV. There was red inflammation inside my penis shaft and a red small dot on the head. My doctor said I was totally fine and that my anxiety was hurting me more than what I had. It was Balanitis and he told me to put Hydrocortisone 2.5% cream on the area and it eventually went away. He also told me to get a blood and urine test but not for stds, just simple tests and I'm yet to go. For a month I've been experiencing fatigue and slight muscle aches but no fever and no blood in urine, none of that. My genital area (including scrotum) have been slightly itchy but there's no redness or genital warts there.
Then about two days ago small red dots appeared inside the foreskin under my penis head. The worry came back and I'm more than terrified and can't sleep. I have lack of concentration and even things I love don't phase me anymore. Then under the side of my penis head, a rash looking thing appeared. It doesn't itch or anything but it runs down the side of the head to the bottom. I'm worried sick and have searching symptoms every single day of summer and I'm terrified. I want to get tested but I'm worried it'd come back negative because of the window mark for getting tested. There's also been slight burning on my penis. Not bad just slight. I say this because I've been noticing the very small things that might not matter but still worry me. I'm so convinced that I'm positive hiv or whatever it is. But everyone is telling me that I'm worrying too much for what I don't have, even my doctor.
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Yes, should I be this worried? Does this seem hopeless?
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Worried no take a chlamydia and gonorrhea test 5 days after sex and then herpes at 3 months.
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It's been a month and 7 days since I had sex, so can I still take the chlamydia and gonorrhea tests? It's also too late to take the DUO test since its been 38 days instead of 28?
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The more time the more accurate the results but your having topical skin issues and with things like Gono and such, symptoms would be a white penis discharge and burning while urinating.
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