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Approximately, how long will urination pain take to stop after taking azithromycin?

Hey everyone,

So a few days ago I went to the hospital because I was having a lot of pain while urinating.  I did have oral sex performed on me so I assumed it was from that.  The doctor took a sample of my urethra using a swab and gave me azithromycin to kill any bacterial infection.  I also received a shot in my butt.  The tests came back negative for UTI, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea.  

I went to the hospital on Thursday (2 days ago) and I'm still in so much pain and it doesn't seem to be decreasing.  Is this normal?  How long does azithromycin usually take to stop the urination pain?

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Hi and welcome. Was the pain a burning in your urethra while urinating was there any white discharge? You should have some noticible relief in 2 days for sure. Oral sex is low risk for STD's and with nonspecific urinary infections is not unusual to get one from oral sex due to bacterias in the mouth.
If you feel your not getting the results with the medication then best follow up with  your doctor.
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Hey  there, thanks for responding.  The pain was indeeed a burning in my urethra but there was no white discharge.  I'm a bit worried now since today is technically the start of the third day and it doesn't feel better.  I also noticed some very tiny bumps on my penis with a kind of tiny black scab like center?  I had about 4 and picked off the scab and now they look bigger and open.  I also noticed more tiny ones pop up.  I am really worried.
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Dont be worried. The could be simple hair folicales that got irritated and since your squezzing them and poping them, most likely dirty fingers are creating more.
Just  folow up with the doctor tomm and explain how you feel. Either way your going to be ok. Like mentioned, unprotected oral sex is really low risk for contracting things
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Thank you very much.  I greatly appreciate your responses!
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it can take a full week until the antibiotics you were given actually have fully done their job.  typically symptoms will get noticeably better within 3 days of starting them.   since so far all your urine testing is negative, this is likely something non-std related. you can have viral infections transmitted to the genital area during oral sex but no signs of an uti is pointing at it being something else. since it's only pain while urinating, not likely it's a kidney stone or anything like that.

if symptoms aren't better in a week, return to be seen again and make sure that they also manually exam your prostate too.

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