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Are itchy penis head with black color, cuts, and bumps symptoms of Herpes or Warts?

One and half months ago, I had an unprotected ******** and protected sex. After one week later, I was having very tiny spongy transparent pimple like thing in a group on the back of my penis head. Which were very itchy. The right side of my penis was swollen and a wart like thing appered. After two weeks later, another wart like tiny flesh appeared on right side of my penis head and it was itchy. One months passed, I went to a doctor and he didn't find anything on blood test. The symptoms were gone at that time. Now after 1.5 months later, the symptoms again came back with itching and sharp burning sensation. This time, there are several places where it seems like sharp cut/wound (more specifically it may seems like folding of skin but not). There is no blood or something. When it start to heal the area become black. There are several areas of the penis head become swollen and there are mild crusty skin I can feel when I touch. Moreover, in those swollen areas, some round hole also can be seen when I tighten the skin. Right now, my penis head is very sensative and itchly. Are these symptoms of herpes or genital warts (HPV)?
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Did your doctor examine them? What did he think they were?

I don't think it's herpes or HPV, but it could be molluscum.



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