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Are this STDs Symptoms?

I have not had sex for 4 months due to a risk exposure back in December, I took antibiotics for a urinary tract and ear infection that I presented, I did the following exams after the antibiotic and at 3 months of risk:

Syphilis -Negative.
Vih -Negative.
Herpes I and II -Negative.
Chlamydia -Negative.
FTABS -Negative.
Urethral exudate
Result: Staphylococcus haemolyticus. The Urologist said it was a contaminated sample.
KOH Glans and foreskin -Negative at 48 hrs.
Urine culture or Urine culture -Negative.
Urine test - Normal Values.

My symptoms are the following:

Pain in the glans (It is at intervals and it is not all day, it comes and goes)
Sometimes trunk pain
Feeling dry
Cracked glans.
Testicle Pain (It is at intervals and it is not all day, it comes and goes about five times a day)
I see some swollen veins of the foreskin, but I'm not sure if that's the way it is or it's my paranoia that now I see them like that.

I do not present the following:

Urethral discharge
Pain when masturbating
Pain when urinating
Itching when urinating
Pain while walking
If I can retract the foreskin.
No flaking of the glans and / or foreskin.
I do not have a bad smell.
No white liquid or other that arises in the foreskin.
I do not have inflamed testicles

It is worth mentioning that I have visited 2 GP and 3 urologists and they say that I am fine, that it is in my mind, but I do not think that my mind causes me the symptoms described above, the last urologist prescribed me colposan for seven days every 12 hrs and Diflucan for 5 days every 24 hrs, thinking it could be some fungus, but I have not had any improvement.

Sorry, English is not my native language.
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What antibiotics did you take for the UTI and ear infection? How long after you finished those did you test?

The Staphylococcus haemolyticus is a normal skin bacteria but can cause UTIs. Your urine test was normal, though. I can see why they said the urethral swab was contaminated since your urine test was fine.

Why did they give you the colposan, which is clindamycin? Was that just to treat an infection in case you may have one?

It isn't sounding like an STD, and you've tested negative for those. (My only question would be is how long after the antibiotics did you test, and could those have given you a false negative.)

What was your exposure in December?

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Exposure was in December 8 with a sex worker not using condom for oral sex (about 1 minute), condom for vaginal sex (about 3-5 minute), the condom broke unfortunately, but I don't know if broke during the encounter or after I put it in my touser bag wrapped in toiltet papel, I guess I'll never know .

Antibiotics taken was: Aclamed -AMOXICILLINE + CLAVULAN ACID - in January 14 to  January 21.
Tests of STDs was taken in February 25, almost three months after the encounter, and one month after the first antibiotics.

One urologist gave me -Kerafilm- It will help to regenerate the skin of my glans due the cracked signs, but the symptoms remains, Kerafilm was applied from 02 Feb to 15 Feb.

The same urologist gave me Luflox -levofloxacin-. Was taken from 1 March to 7 March, but the symptoms remains.

I visit another Urologist that state the: "You're fine, it's all in your mind". And he look my penis with some cracked visible and tell the symptoms in my first post.

Colposan was given for this last urologist
CANDIDA, TRICOMONAS AND GARDNERELLA, ISOLATED OR MIXED and yes, was in case if I have one but the symptoms remains. applied from 13 March to 19 March, there is no improvement.

Now, I noticed some pain in the throat that I feel the last five days and doesnt give away, I'm really worried about STIs/STDs, I don't know what to think.
Your testing time frame was fine with the antibiotics - enough time had passed so they'd be accurate.

So the colposan in some countries is Ketoconazole, which is an antifungal, which works, since they found yeast (candida). That would explain the cracked skin, and it's common to get that after taking antibiotics.

Your risk for an STD is really quite low. All the unprotected parts were brief, and the antibiotics you've been on would definitely have cured chlamydia and probably cured gonorrhea. You tested negative for those, so you're good on those in either case.

The only other thing I can think of is chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Google that and see if it fits. It's NOT an STD. You need to move beyond an STD causing these symptoms. I don't know if you have guilt about this, or if anxiety is an issue for you, but this is not an STD. Guilt and/or anxiety does not equal risk.

Sorry If I was not clear about the timeline, but the Colposan was given after the cracked skin was shown up in January and after I used Kerafilm Feb 02 to Feb 15 . Colposan gave me the urologist (I don't know if the doctor found yeast, they gave me "just in case") and I used in March  13 to March19 , but still the symptoms remains with cracked glans and pain, sometimes itchy but maybe twice a day, I noticed shiny sometimes.

The antibiotics called ACLAMED in the leaflet said it will work for gonorrhea, besides that I tested negative.  

About guilty/anxiety, yes I have both and I feel overwelmed. I've been never in this position and I have a lot of problems in my life due my little time with this person.

Do you think my rare or atypicall balanitis could be some HPV problem?
I have some problems with itchy penis, I do not see lumps or pain just because of an have some problems with itchy penis, I do not see lumps or pain just because of an itching sensation in the lower part. Can anyone give some words about that? Please
I can't say what is going on with your penis now, but a doctor probably could. It is NOT an STD, though. You've been on a lot of antibiotics, and that can cause fungal infections. I'd go get seen, and find out.

I'm not sure why you feel so guilty and anxious. You had sex with someone, and for the majority of time, it was protected. Adult humans have sex - it's okay. Maybe you cheated on a partner, I don't know, but if you can't let go of the guilt/anxiety, perhaps it's time to seek some counseling for this. You don't have to live this way. Hang in there.
If I tested negative for Herpes at 11.5 weeks (almost three months) after the encounter and I haven't had any symptoms, that means I free of that STD?
Yes, I would say so. You had a very brief, mostly-protected encounter. Chances of getting anything are very, very slim. You can move on now.
I've already have been checked by two GP, three urologist and one dermatologist, and the pain in the penis is the same, some days ago I feel some improvement using "recoveron nc"
https://mx.prvademecum.com/medicamento/recoveron-nc-4527/ in my glans and foreskin, but the hapiness last two days because I went to the same pain again and im still using this cream
Then follow up with your doctor. That cream seems to be for treating wounds, and maybe it's not the correct treatment.

It's NOT related to an STD.
Do you think it is safe to have sex with my wife?
I can't say that since I don't know what else is happening with you. If you have a fungal infection, you could transmit that to your wife. As far as STDS, yes, you would be fine having sex, but the last thing you want is to infect your wife with a fungal infection, who would re-infect you, then you'd re-infect her, etc., etc.
Could this be postherpetic neuralgia?
Do you have herpes? If you don't, it can't be. Nothing you've described sounds like herpes, or PHN.
I think Im not I dont have any blister or sore in my penis or genital area, besides that I tested negative at 11.5 weeks, which I read is a good indicator. The other symptoms that I presented is itchying in some partes of my penis, but it is intermitent
If I have a fungal infection, should I go with a dermatologist or urologist?
Either should be fine. Go with the one that can get you in sooner. :)
Thanks for the input, I just noticed a little of hematuria during my going to the bathroom, could this be std/sti related?
You tested negative for STDs, so no.

Continue to work with your doctor regarding your symptoms, but you do not have an STD.
Hello, Im back again. After finished my two weeks of recoveron nc I just felt some improvement about my symptoms, but have to say is not totally healed, I still have the cracked skin on my glans and some pain, I went to another dermatologist and she gave me another cream to use two times at day, for one month its calles cicaplast boume
I'm glad you're getting some improvement, and I hope the new cream helps! Let us know. :)
Auntiejessie, I just saw in a 2008 post that you've wrote about herpes "Some people do have symptoms that appear years later, but the average is 2-20 days." this could happen even if the person tested negative with igg? Because in another recent post (not you) I read that the igg test is conclusive at 3-4 month
No, if you test negative at 3-4 months, you won't get herpes symptoms from whatever concerning encounter years later. I'm not sure what I was referencing in 2008, but I'm sure it was someone who had herpes and didn't know it, and probably had never tested.
You're right, maybe I misunderstood your comment. If I tested negative at 3-4 for herpes, could I still transmit it to my wife?
No, because you don't have it. If you don't have it, you can't transmit it.

Remember that you had a really, really brief oral exposure, and protected sex, and though the condom broke, you don't know when. You really had very little risk for anything to start with.

I've been telling you this for weeks. My responses won't change. You don't have an STD, so you can't transmit one. I don't know what's causing your symptoms - you need to work with your doctor on that, but it's not an STD.
Hi, Im here again, the pain is less than the last month, but Im smelling some odor in my penis when I go to bathroom. I dont have any kind of sex since december but I want to know if the odor is kind of STDs related? I know you've been telling I dont have an STD but I can't  get my mind at ease
Gonorrhea MIGHT give a smell, but you tested negative for that.

Going back to when you posted this:


There isn't a lot of research for gardnerella in men, but this is the bacteria that causes bacterial vaginitis in women. In women, there is a definite odor associated with it. There is also an odor associated with candida.

It sounds as if they found all 3 - candida, trich and gardnerella? Trich and gardnerella are treated the same way, with Metronidazole. Have you taken that? Candida is treated with any number of different antifungals. You've taken ketoconazole. Maybe that didn't cure it.

Follow up with your doctor since your symptoms are lingering. Find out what they have given you and why. Ask if they have treated all 3 that you seem to have tested positive for.

All 3 can be sexually transmitted, though candida and gardnerella are not considered STDs. Trich is considered an STD, but can be transmitted in other ways, like hot tubs, etc.

I don't have any test to say I'm positive for those, but the smell comes and goes. For example, in the past month I don[t have any odor, but this month I started even when I clean mysel with shampoo since last two months. Besides that, the odor is not that strong it's like you haven't take a shower for one day or so.
You posted this on March 21:

Colposan was given for this last urologist
CANDIDA, TRICOMONAS AND GARDNERELLA, ISOLATED OR MIXED and yes, was in case if I have one but the symptoms remains. applied from 13 March to 19 March, there is no improvement.

I'm confused about this. Was this just a test that was run, or was that a positive result for that?

Don't use shampoo to clean your genitals. Use a gentle soap. You may be starting to get a fungal infection or balanitis from using the shampoo, which is way too harsh for the gentle skin on your penis. If you have a foreskin, make sure it's clean and dry under it.

If you have any smegma, follow this: https://www.healthline.com/health/how-to-get-rid-of-smegma#in-males

Sorry, english is not my native language, maybe how I write is confusing,  regarding the CANDIDA, TRICOMONAS AND GARDNERELLA, ISOLATED OR MIXED post, urologist gave me colposan but "Just in case". He said all my test were negative.

I use baby shampoo to clean my genitals with the johnson brand, some dermatologist said me that I could do that.

About the dry under my foresking, yes, I noticed that somehow is more wet, and today I don't notice any odor even with the same clean process that other days
Ohh okay, I understand now. It probably wasn't how you explained it, but in how I processed it. :)

If you continue to have symptoms, follow up with your doctor. You've tested negative for everything, so it's not STD related.
Have you've heard about any STD that the symptoms are just to recap:
Pain in glans
Cracked glans
Burning sensation but not with urinating
Discharge without color, odor, smell or anything else, its
Pre-seminal fluid
A pressure sensation in my genitals

I dont feel pain when urinating, masturbate, walking, running its a come a goes thing.

Do you think is necessary to re test for herpes at this point? 6 month after my encounter
No, you don't need to test for herpes. These are not herpes symptoms. You tested negative for herpes at 11.5 weeks, and have had no symptoms. You don't need to retest.

No STD would give you these symptoms, and you've tested negative for EVERYTHING.

You had 1 minute of unprotected sex, and a few minutes of condom-protected sex. The chances you'd get anything from this are slim to none, and you have tested negative for EVERYTHING.

You really can let this go now. Whatever is causing these symptoms is not related to this encounter. It just isn't.

You've had at least 5 doctors tell you that you're fine, and that they can find nothing wrong with you. Maybe it's time to start believing them. Stop taking antibiotics unless someone can give you positive test results for something.

If you have a hard time letting this go, and I say this with compassion, it's time to seek some counseling. You aren't alone - we see a lot of this here.

If you continue to have symptoms, work with your urologist, but it is NOT an STD.
Hi, its me again. I noticed some Discharge without any odor or color, it is watery and it is not yellow, blue, Nor green, what could it be?
I don't know what it is - it could be any number of things - something with your prostate, a UTI, urethritis, for starters - but you should let your doctor know.

If you haven't had any further sexual activity, it can not be an STD. If you have, you should get checked again for those.
No, the only sexual activity was with my wife last month and it was protected sex, besides that, the Discharge already have it at that time and it is an  intermitent thing , I will try to focus when this happens and let you know the results
Is there any other test should I take besides the listed in my first post?
No, you have taken every test possible. Keep working with your doctor to find out what's happening, but it's not an STD.
Thank you for the Words, can you post a link with hpv facts? Or some comforting pharagrapfh about that desease?
I'm not sure what you'd like to know about it.

None of your symptoms are remotely anything like HPV. HPV either produces genital warts, which are painless, or it gives no symptoms at all.

If you notice it at all, you'd notice little white or pinkish bumps. That's it. They don't hurt at all.

It's estimated that about 90% of sexually active adults will get it at some point in their lives - at least one strain of it, and there are multiple strains that affect the genital area. (HPV is the virus that causes any wart on your body, and some of the strains are sexually transmitted and only affect the genital area, some strains affect other areas.)

Honestly, I have no idea why you are focusing on STDs still. If I thought you had one, I would have told you long ago, as your doctors would have, and your tests would have been positive. Continue to work with your doctor about your symptoms, and please, talk to your doctor about your anxiety about this. I understand that you went outside of your marriage and carry guilt about it, but science is telling you that this is NOT an STD. If you can not accept that, it's time to talk to a mental health professional.

Hi AJ, the reason why im focusing about std is guilty, anxiety and fear. Yes, the mistake was mine and I regret it now. I went to urologist and was diagnosed with prostatitis throug rectal exam. Urologist said that my symptom came from that and left me some pills to take every 12 hrs, actually dont have the prescription near.

Urologist also said that without lesión of HSV he cannot ask me for test and the transmission will no occur, he said the same about HPV, that I cannot transmit if I have no symptom at all, I know this is not thruth, or maybe he is Trying to get me back to my normal life and back to have sex again with my wife even though Im really scared about HPV and HSV.
Guilt, anxiety and fear do not equal risk.

Your symptoms are from prostatitis - which I suggested a few weeks ago, and I'm glad you followed up on.

Your risk was minimal. The chances of you getting herpes or HPV from a one-time, mostly protected encounter are very slim.

I agree with him about not testing you, by the way. Herpes tests can give false positives, and I don't think you could handle it. Getting follow up testing to confirm the result isn't easy in the US, much less anywhere else. You know what is causing your symptoms. It's time to move on.

If you can't let this go, it's time for counseling.

I find small bump in my shaft, urologist saw it and says is a regular wart, not genital wart,because as you posted a few week ago gw is pinkish and mine is not, and is less than 1mm and like a bubble, should ill be worry?
Genital warts don't usually appear as just one bump. They usually appear in clusters. My guess is that it's not even a wart, but something like an oil gland or something.

Seriously, and I say this with compassion, but you need counseling now. You can not let this go. This thread now has 44 responses. Your urologist says you have prostatitis, and no STDs. You have tested negative for everything.

You have to let this go. Guilt doesn't equal risk, and we are not a counseling forum. Unfortunately, you'll have to find a trained professional to work through that.
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