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Asian massage parlor saran wrap condom

Hello Doctor,

First thank you very much for the help in advance. So here is my issue. Yesterday I made the mistake of going to an Asian massage parlor (something I honestly have never done before). At the end she offered vaginal sex and I mistakenly accepted. She placed saran wrap over my penis and I had intercourse with her for approximately 2-3 minutes before I realized that I was doing something idiotic and stopped and was finished off by hand. As far as I could tell the plastic didn't rip and she was very careful as she put it on. My question is that I know I placed myself in grave danger but what am I most at risk for and how big are the risks.

I have a chlamydia and gonorrhea test scheduled for this week (3 days after exposure), an hiv rna test and trichminiosis test for the week after (10 days after exposure) and a 4th generation hiv antibody and syphilis test 2 weeks later (21 days after exposure). Are there any other test I should schedule? Anything else to give me peace of mind? Thank you so much in advance.
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Hi, i would assume that saran wrap is non pores like condoms and if thats the case you did have sufficient protection from HIV, Gono and other stds that could get inside your penis.
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