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Azithromycin and STD's

Hi Dr.  I had an anonymous sexual encounter back in April with another man (masterbation/oral/anal fingering).  Monday of this week, I noticed what looked like an ingrown hair on my scrotum.  I FREAKED OUT!! Syphilis came to mind.  I overreacted and took a 1000 mg pill of Azithromycin in the morning and one that night.  Still freaking out on Tuesday, I googled more and saw where recommened dose was 2 grams in a single dose.  I took 2, 1000 mg pills immediately.  The chancre seems to be fading, but Im still freaking out.  Will the amount of Azitromycin ive taken cure or stop any progression of any STDs?  Im married and hope i have not unknowingly given anything to my spouse.  This will cause a divorce for sure!

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Additional question... about 3 hours after taking the 2g dose, diarrhea set in.  Should I be worried?  Am I losing the Azythromicin dose when this happens or is it still in my system?
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Hi, on average a syphilis chancre appears in 3 weeks and going on 3 months post exposure is really outside the symptom window. Also the area is not common your describing but the immediate genital area. Also if it appears as a ingrown hair, thats most likely what is as a syphilis is a chancre type sore. Since your married test for the below at the correct window period.
1. Gono---1 week
2. syphilis----6 weeks
3. herpes----3 months
4. HPV------theres currently no test in men for this.
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