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BV or STD/ Given script of Metronidazole and think I’m allergic

I have been married for 20 years. I have been faithful and Husband has too, as far as I am aware.
About 10-12 days ago, I noticed that I was having some watery-like discharge with some minor swelling inside my vagina. I assumed it wasn’t anything to worry about bc I had just gotten off my period about 5 days prior to that, and sometimes I can get a little swollen down there during my period, so I thought it was just swollen from that. After having the watery discharge for about 3 days, I started to feel an aching feeling deep inside my vagina/rectum area. Esp while sitting. My lower stomach (right side) also started cramping (like Menstrual cramps) but i knew that wasn’t it, bc i had just gotten off my period a week prior. As the day progressed, the pain got worse and more symptoms started. It felt as if my bladder was sensitive and full as well as having an internal Hemorrhoid. I took a hot bath hoping to relieve the pain and that didnt help at all. By this time i was in so much pain (starting with my right lower stomach/bladder area, down the right side of my pelvis, inside my vagina towards the right side, and up inside my lower back or rectum) when I got out of the bath i looked at my vagina and inside was very inflamed and swollen and as i was putting on clothes to head to the ER, I noticed a lump in my right lower stomach/groin area. I was thinking it could be hernia, cysts or appendix rupture, bladder or cervix prolapse so i headed to the ER.
While there, they took urine sample, drew blood, pelvic exam and ct scan with dye contrast. They have me a shot of toradol for the pain and that helped a lot, they also gave me some medicine in my IV. As i waited for the results, the ER dr came in and said that my tests look normal, ct scan was normal and they gave me 4 pink pills to take and a prescription of metronidazole 500mg (21 tabs every 8 hours for 7 days) and told me to make an obgyn appointment. They said they would call in a few days if the pelvic exam test came back not normal. I asked them what they were treating me for and they said for STDS. But that shocked me bc i wasnt even thinking of that.
When they sent me home, i looked at the medicine they had given me while in the Hospital. They gave me: Zithromax and Rocephin (This was on a late Monday night into Tuesday morning). I slept on and off on Tuesday and I didn’t get the Metronidazole filled until Wednesday. I took my first dose on Wednesday and by Thursday my vaginal discharge had changed from the light watery type to thick and white. I don’t have a great sense of smell, but I never once had a bad foul/fishy odor. I waited until Friday to see if the ER would call my back but they never did, so I called them around noon and asked them what the results were. They said that everything looked normal and they said that the stds they did check for (Gonorrhea/Syphilis/Trich) were negative. I have called the health dept as well as my reg obgyn to schedule an appointment but I can’t be seen until mid April.
Also while taking the Metrodinazole, i have experienced some really bad side effects. Its extended release tablets and on the second dose I noticed that my throat, tounge, roof of mouth felt raw and swollen. I could barely swallow the pill. I also am having horrible flushing/hotness of the face and chest, headache, my insides of my body feel like they are on fire and trembling. Im having heartburn and mild chest pain. I keep dropping things when I am holding them and my lips sometimes twitch. I just don’t feel right. Like something is wrong. And these feelings come and go throughout the day/night. When they start it begins within 30 minutes of taking it and the hot feeling in my face,ears,chest start first. Then the symptoms progress and this lasts for about 2.5 hours. I think I am allergic to this Metronidazole. I also believe I have thrush in my mouth from it.There are white patches that feel like blisters on my gums, roof, and tounge. My eyes (bottom eyelids) are burning badly and when I pulled them down to look, its really white around the inner corners of my eyes and around my tear ducts. My face, across my cheeks and nose is red and my chest is red. I think all of these are due to the metronidazole. As far as my prior vaginal symptoms they have began to subside.
My right groin lymph node swelling has went down a good bit. Its still there but not near as noticeable. My pain comes and goes in my lower stomach, my deep vaginal/rectal pain is almost gone, i get a few sharp pains throughout the day. My Bladder still feels full most of the time and sensitive. It never burned when i peed nor was my urethra ever swollen,burning or itchy. I haven’t had any itching period. But im curious as to what is going on with me. Since the trich was negative, i thought about stopping the metronidazole. But the ER said to take it bc it helps with bacterial infections.
Could I have BV? Ive never had it before. And its just weird that these symptoms came on so suddenly. I talked with my husband and asked of he cheated (which made him mad that i even thought he would), he says he has never and will never cheat. I just want to feel better. The original symptoms are getting better, but the reactions from this medication is horrible and I can’t bare to even take another one. Ive only taken 3.
I also am curious why the ER didnt test for chlamydia? I feel bad for even thinking my husband cheated. Could this be BV? Or does it sound more like STD? Thank you.
Also, im going to try and find someone else that can test me for STDs and pelvic exam sooner than April

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Hm, well.  I know that I've been on the medication you took for BV.  When I had BV, it was accompanied by a very distinct, unpleasant odor. But it wasn't all the time.  The discharge was greyish, very thin and watery.  I couldn't get rid of the BV so they actually had my husband also take it as it can pass back and forth.  They can swab you very easily and know if this is BV.  That's done right in your ob/gyn's office.  Trich is also treated with flagyl (brand name of what you took) and perhaps since you were acute care/in the ER, they treated for this to be safe.  Then tests were negative.  Chlamydia is often silent with no symptoms but I don't know why they didn't test for that.  

I understand. Being married and thinking your partner is faithful, this must be really hard.  I'd not jump to any conclusions yet.  Really.  But I'd try to get into your ob/gyn sooner.  I'd call every day and see if they have a cancellation or consider just going to a clinic.  

Sorry you are dealing with this!
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Okay, so a lot to unpack here.

First, and this is most important - if you think you are allergic to the metronidazole, stop taking it. It's a hell of a drug with a lot of side effects, and I can't figure out the dose.

For BV, it's:

    500 mg orally twice daily x 7 days, OR
    2 g orally once/day single dose, OR
    Extended-release: 750 mg orally once/day x 7 days

For trich, it's:

250 mg orally every 8 hours for 7 days; alternatively, 375 mg orally every 12 hours for 7 days
2 g orally once daily single dose; alternatively, 1g orally every 12 hours for 2 doses


Yeast infections, or thrush, is a common side effect from it.

You might also have something called Stevens-Johnsons syndrome, which is an uncommon type of allergic reaction to a medication - https://www.rxlist.com/stevens-johnson_syndrome/definition.htm Call one of your doctors - your gyno, the ER, your regular doctor - someone, and let them know this is happening and that you need to be seen ASAP.

Now, chlamydia tests are almost always run with gonorrhea tests. It's done at the same time. If they didn't do that, I'll never figure out why. But ask for lab reports. It may be a miscommunication, if they just gave it to you over the phone. If you can access the records on your patient portal, it may say CT or c trachomatis.

The pink pills they gave you were most likely azithromycin, or Zithromax. That treats chlamydia. The shot of rocephin treats gonorrhea.

My guess? You had BV and/or a UTI, or maybe the BV turned into PID, or pelvic inflammatory disease. (You aren't being properly treated for either.)

Did they do actual testing for BV and a UTI? I'd like to think they did a BV test with the trich test, because those are often run together, but at this point, I'm not betting on anything. Why they did a syphilis test on you, I have no idea. None of your symptoms are anything like syphilis.

You could also have had an ovarian cyst rupture. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/ovarian-cysts/symptoms-causes/syc-20353405

So what do you do now?

* I'd call your gyno and let them know how sick you are. If they can't squeeze you in, go to an urgent care or back to the ER.

* Call a pharmacist and ask if they think this is an allergic reaction to the metronidazole.

* Check your records to see if you were tested for a UTI, chlamydia and BV.

Let us know how you are, and what happens.

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Oh I just realized this is days old. I'm sorry. Let me know how you are anyway.
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