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Been receiving Oral from SW's for a year, could discomfort in anus be an STD

I've only ever "received" unprotected oral (no kissing, intercourse, oral on her). I've seen about 6 different Sex Workers in the past year, usually every few weeks. About 2 months ago I had what felt like a small pea size bump on the opening to my anus. It felt kind of like a blister, and usually only hurt when I had a bowel movement. It went away after about 2 weeks on its own... but since about that time my bowel movements have changed. I used to be very 'loose' and would go once per day, and didn't have to push and seemed fairly healthy. Now my anus feels like it doesn't want to open as much as it used to, and my stool has been thinner, and more difficult to get out. (Nothing has changed in my diet). One of my concerns/questions is around saliva. Usually the oral can get a lot sloppy, and saliva is running often down over my testicles and to my anus. Is there any kind of STD that is likely/possibly to occur from this? It's been 4 weeks since my last engagement, and I've had no symptoms like discharge from my penis, or open sores. My anus just feels different though. I don't believe I can see any blood in my stool, but it's really difficult to say as the water always seems to be dark (and I'm color blind!!) I'm waiting for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea tests to come back at the moment, but worry about things like Anal Warts or Syphilis. I suppose it could be hemorroids, but I think they would have presented some more clear symptoms (blood)? I'm 50.
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It could be a hemorrhoid, but you really need to let your doctor see it to know for sure. Not all hemorrhoids bleed.

It's not likely to be warts from oral sex only, and syphilis is a round, painless sore that would be in the place of infection, so it would be on your penis, not your anus.

You should test for syphilis, but I don't think that's what this is.

You're at an age where you should be getting screened for colon cancers, though, so while this isn't a sign of colon cancer, it's a good place to start that conversation with your doc.
Thanks for the feedback. I actually have a Colonoscopy scheduled for Jan 7th (advanced screening), which is why I was kind of not bothering to go check for hemorrhoids with the regular doc. Really appreciate the service you all provide. Thanks.
Understood. They will be able to see if you have internal hemorrhoids during the colonoscopy. I don't think you need to run out and get checked prior to that, either.

Good luck with the colonoscopy!
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