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Bleeding between period, abdominal pain

Dear Doc,

I read your forum but couldn't find a situation that matches mine.
I'm female, 28. Had unprotected vaginal and oral sex with two partners on the 27th of december 2010. after just few days I started having thick and yellowish discharges, which is not very uncommon in my case as I usually have discharges between periods, but also abdominal pain, almost the same pain I have one day prior my period.
I anyhow booked a visit which I had on the 17th of January. The doctor said that discharges didn't look that bad (which I don't understand, as it was the first time she was visiting me), she took a sample for PAP test and prescribe me a treatment of a 3 days antibiotics (Chemicetina 250mg) to insert in vagina and a 6 days lactobacillus treatment.
I took the antibiotics, and after that a very mild blood discharge occurred. I waited 2 days after the antibiotics treatment to start with the lactobacillus (which I started 2 days ago) and the little bloody discharge persisted. The abdominal pain is gone, but I feel burning and pain in the vagina.
In the mean time I'm waiting for my blood test results (for herpes and HIV)

Now, I'm not a doctor, but i know that use antibiotics without knowing which kind of bacteria we are fighting against, just make situation worse. After all i read in this days on internet, I suspect to have Gonorrhea, So I just booked another visit in a private clinic for next monday.

My questions:

-From the above descriptions of symptoms, does it sound like Gonorrhea to you? If yes, do you think the 3 days Chemicetina could have make it worse?

-I've been waking up at night the last 3 days with a bit of phlegm, very dry nose and a bit of coat in my mouth. When I blow my nose, i can see a small amount of coagulated blood. Is this a symptom of STD in my mouth/nose?

-The doctor said he couldn't get the sample for HPV test after she visited me because it should have been done at the beginning of the visit. Can you please tell me which is the right order to get the tests for STD done? I want to be prepared for my new visit on monday..

Thank you so much for your attention, I hope you can give me some answers. Plus, I really appreciate your work here... If I knew before all I know now about SDTs, I wouldn't have had unprotected sex...
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1. Possibly gonorrhea, nothing would make it worse, but don't think it helped any
2. Oral STD's often don't show symptoms, probably just a cold
3. On Monday do not urinate at least 1hr before the visit.
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