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Blister or Ingrown hair?

The last time i had sex [protected] was about 15 months ago..and about a month later i noticed a blister type thing below my vagina on the side where my butt starts sorta..and  i popped it and it hurt..and it took about 3wks to go away..i got tested months later [2 blood samples & a urine samples]  everything was negative. but maybe my doctor didnt test me for everything? i mean she tested me for HIV but what if i have something she didnt test me for? like Herpes? or something. anyway, i didnt shave my vagina area for awhile until about 2 & 1/2 weeks ago..and i have really sensitive skin. on dec 10th or 11th.. i noticed a red bumpblister type thingy [in my pubic area, right where my vagina lip starts, next to the opening of the vagina] ..i dont see any hair inside of it..so im scared its a blister? and it doesnt seem like it wants to pop..and if i try it turns really red..it seems to be getting smaller..but its not gone..it does itch every now n then. i have anxiety & ocd..so maybe im just freaking myself out?? please help! thanks much
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With no pain (until you popped it), and protected sex, herpes is a bit less likely.  On the other hand, a "blister" is consistent with the way a herpes outbreak would look.  But typically there is more than one, and you would normally have also had a fever, swollen groin lymph nodes, etc.

It's possible your Dr tested you for HSV 1&2 or not, it seems to vary from doctor to doctor.  But usually you can call in and clarify which tests were run.  I'd do that before I worried too much about it.  If they didn't run the tests, now would be as good a time as any to check your status.
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Ive had unprotected sex before [i was raped] but i have been tested, havent had sex for about 15 months..and ive also had a bump behind my ear & 2 in my neck that have not gone away... and its been about 8 months or so
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Wont all Herpes show up in ur blood? u dont HAVE to test it from the "outbreak" [blisters] do you???
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Herpes, being the virus, doesn't actually show up in your blood.  What does show up is the antibodies that you produce to being infected by Herpes.  

So yes, you can test without an outbreak, and as long as sufficient time has passed (>3 months) the test will be pretty accurate.
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