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Blood donation

Should you avoid donating blood if you've recently had unprotected vaginal or oral sex? I've read some STDs have an incubation period and it can take weeks for them to show up in a blood test.
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our system of blood donation isn't perfect but they do do the best testing possible. If everyone who had recently had unprotected sex with a partner who's std status they aren't aware of didn't donate blood, we'd have even less supply than we do now.

if it was a high risk partner who you think could have hepatitis or hiv and it was unprotected sex then avoiding donating for 3 months is a good idea and they do ask questions covering those bases when you donate.

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Well it was unprotected oral and I'm a college student and he is a college student and I know the prevalence of STDs in my age group. It was two weeks ago I don't have any symptoms but I guess I'm just freaked out cause I know better! I'm A negative and try to donate whenever possible. So you think I should still donate?
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I certainly wouldn't avoid donating blood because I had received unprotected oral sex.

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You should still donate.   Forget about STDs, you had just about a zero risk encounter for all STDs.

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Oh yeah,

If you are american and living in the US.

Best times to donate are on: Halloween (Oct 31st), thanksgiving week (November 20-27), christamas week (Dec 20 - Jan 2), new years, valentine's day (Feb 14th), 4th of July Week (July 1 to 4th), and other american Holiday's out of gratitude.

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...when you donate, you have to sign a self-declaration about (among other topics) sexual behaviour. It is these regulations that determine whether you can donate or not.

Personally, I would avoid donation 3-6 months after a new sex partner to avoid risking other people´s health, even though the risks are small, and that some blood banks in the US do not seem to defer (heterosexual) people who have recently changed sex partners from giving blood (in contrast to most of Europe). If the new partner was a prostitute or another high risk person, all US blood banks have a 12 months deferral. There are no differences between protected and unprotected sex in these rules.
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