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Blood filled bump on bikini line?

So I noticed a small red bump on my bikini line, two weeks ago. It grew to be very large and very painful to the touch. It was hard, dark red and very tender. I've had these before, but they usually just drain themselves and go away. But after 2 weeks, I went to the ER and I had it lanced. Doctor said it's probably from shaving but it could be something else. The doctor cut it open, lots of blood and puss came out and he packed it. I have to go back in 3 days to see if it needs more packing.
Now I am extremely sexually active, I've been with the same guy for a few months now. The doctor kept asking me if I was sexually active, but I responded "no" , too embarrassed that he might think it's an STD. (Silly, I know!!)
I'm very worried that it might be now! I have thick, white vaginal discharge and itching, but I thought that was from a yeast infection since it's been so painful to keep "down there" clean without intense amounts of pain.
Am I overreacting? Thanks in advance for all help.
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Could be a yeast infection currently, follow up with your Dr and be honest. That is the only way they can diagnosis issues.
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