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Boyfriend tested positive for gonorrhea and chlamydia / i tested negative

Hi doctor im hoping you can help me with my problem.

I have a boyfriend who lives abroad due to work commitments, we see each other every 3 months for a short period of time, the first time we got together i started having i started having problems passing urine, very painful this happened less than 24hrs after we last slept together, i went to see my doctor and had a urine test done for a urine infection which was positive, doctor put me on antibiotics, the second time he came from abroad i had the same problem and that happened during the 4th and 5th time we got together and then in january of this year it happened again like the last year it happens less than 24hrs after we slept together, went back to the doctor, told her that im kinda suspecting that this is more than just a urine infection as it only happens when im with my boyfriend ( (intercourse) Doctors suggest i get tested for chlamydia which was negative thou confirmed i had ECOLI urine infection, i was put on strong antibiotics to be taken over a period of 3 weeks, May came this year boyfriend was again back from abroad and the entire routine starts all over again ECOLI urine infection so i was back on antibiotics this time a bit more longer, August came (last month) boyfriend had a quick stopped over on his way to visit his family we once again slept together. he left the next day and here i was back to the doctor for the same problem, he returned 2 wks after but stayed for only 1 and half day, like before i went to see the doctor as i was having the same old problem, seems like the ecoli urine infection has never been completely cleares from my body, came Sept beginng of this month my infection was still around, still painful thou not as painful as before. during this time i found out that my boyfriend has been having numerous or multiple affairs with other women, thou he has been telling me that he was not seeing any other woman since we met his story never really go together with what i found out. he was still having a sexual relationship with an old girlfriend up until end of august of last year, so i went to my doctor and asked if i could be tested for STD, results: chlamydia, hepatitis b gonorrhea HIV all negative but testes positive for HSV-1 which i have never had an symptons never had a cold sore all my life, i talked to my boyfriend to have himself tested, his results: Hep B & HIV negative, chlamydia & gonorrhea positive, up til now he hasnt been testes for Herpes which ive been pushing him to go and get it done. Last week I found out he was having sex with a woman in august towards the end of august when he went home to visit his family. from what ive heard this woman has multiple sexual relationship with other men, and right now im kinda wonder if he slept with any other woman between aug of last year and aug of this year. Because he wasnt never tested for STD before its hard to know when he contracted these diaeases, Could it be possible that he got it from the woman he slept with in august this year. and is there a chance of me getting it as he came back a day after he slept with that woman and spent time here with me. is it possible that i my chances are high eventhough mh results were negative.

Thank you Doc for reading and listening, i hope what you'll tell me will help as i am worried that i might be infected.
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I hope at this point this is an ex bf since he continually cheats on you?

do you use condoms when you have sex with your partner?

odds are your hsv1 is oral. most adults never get obvious cold sores to know that they are infected.

you tested negative for gonorrhea and chlamydia. was your testing done at least 1 week after the last time you had had sex with your partner?

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