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Broken condom in Thailand

So about 3 weeks ago i was in Thailand, Bangkok to be specific. I had sex with a sex worker in a massage parlor, who needed up being a ladyboy. During the encounter, i received unprotected oral from the ladyboy and also preformed oral sex on the lady boy for a little bit, no pre cum as far as i could tell, and definitely no cum. i also had protected anal sex with the lady boy, the condom broke, i pulled out right away, wiped with a baby wipe, and used a new condom. then the ladyboy finished me off with a hand job with no condom on. I won't even lie an i super nervous that i might have caught something. I have no symptoms since the incident. Just super nervous, that i might have caught something, especially something that doesn't have a cure.
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Hi. all i can say is that things like Gonoreaha would produce a white puss penis discharge and burning while urinating about 5 days later so with out those symptoms you can pretty much exclude that but things like HIV you would need to take the DUO test at 28 days to exclude.
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