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Burning Urination, Sore Testicles but test are NEGATIVE

At the time, I received unprotected oral  sex and had protected intercourse with a female who complained of pain in her vagina. A few weeks later, I started to feel a burning sensation. I assumed I contracted something from her because  she was the last person I had sex  with. Having symptoms like burning urination, pain and soreness in the testis lead me to believe I have caught  a  sexual transmitted disease or infection.

I examined my urethra and found redness and a little blackness only at the bottom of the penis canal. There are red veins on the wall of the urethra and miniature bumps at the bottom and sides. There is no discharge but there is a foul smell. My testicles are sore as well.

I went to my doctor and got blood, urine, swab and culture test. All results were negative.
He prescribed Phenazopyridine but the sysmptoms did not go away.

What is wrong with me?
Whats the next step?
Is it contagious?
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follow up with your Dr, dont know what it could be
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Okay I will and I will also try flushing my pain with baking soda and water.
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