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Burning scratchy issue on penis


I had unprotected sex with a woman I met on a dating site in October, 2009. The very next day there was a strange scratchy, burning sensation on my penis. By the third day there were tiny blisters at the tip and rim of my penis.That was 6 months ago. I have been to two urologists, and my primary doctor several times. I was tested for every STD and all came back negative. The test were done months after the contact, so if there were an anti-body to an STD it should  have showed up. They gave me Clotrimazole and Fluconazole (Diflucan) twice. My urologist said it was balantis and I would be fine. Initially, I felt a little better, but it never went all the way away. Oh.....and when the burning sensation is bad, I feel an anal burning, scratchy feeling too. It never feels normal.

So.... I still think I have a drug resistant yeast infection (albicans). There is no good test for Candida, so I got off all sugar, alcohol, carbs, anything that would feed yeast. I was using plain yogurt on there, drinking Grapefruit seed extract, eating coconut oil......anything I read about. I felt better, but it never went away. I also lost too much weight. So, every doctor says I look normal, but I can see tiny gray marks under my skin and very small bumps at the tip and around the rim of the penis. It also burns in my anal area. Sex is uncomfortable because of the scratchy, burning feeling. It very hard to even enjoy sex because the skin is sensitive like its sunburned. My doctors say they don't think I'm contagious. They say my penis looks normal. I know it's different.

Is anybody suffering with this problem. Is there any doctors who specialize in sexually transmitted issues like this.

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dude, relax, your test have so far prove you are negative. when did you test?

you say months later, if it was months later say three months later than you are fine.

did you test for hpv and or herpes? many people are carriers of herpes and hpv and do not even know they have it. I doubt this is the case. Yeast is possibility but not probable, go to a dermatologist for the bumps. Have you ever seen them before. many men have tiny cysts on the bottom part of the penis head. anxiety can also play a role.
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Not sure what to tell you other then this is not STD related, try posting in men's health.
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