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Burning sensation while peeing

I’m 38 year old male. For the past few days I’m having kind of burning sensation while peeing. No discharge or anything unusual on the penis. Did urine analysis and it came back all normal. No bacteria/no WBC in urine analysis. I had unprotected oral sex three weeks back. I’m worried if this could be STD?
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Did you get any STD testing? It's possible to get gonorrhea and chlamydia from oral sex. You'd need specific tests for those. It's a good sign that you don't have any WBC in your urine, but you should still get tested.

In the meantime, maybe you just need to increase your water, and decrease your caffeine/alcohol/carbonated drinks/juices? Those are very irritating to the bladder.
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Thanks for the quick response. I didn’t get STD test yet. Just hesitant to show that up in my medical/insurance history. Are the at-home-STD test kits reliable? Are there any other tell tale signs for gonorrhea/chlamydia to watch out for?
You might get a discharge, but a lot of the time, people get no symptoms. How long have you had the burning? How long after the oral did you get the burning?

I'm assuming you're in the US since you mentioned insurance. STDCheck is reliable.


You only need a gonorrhea and chlamydia test, not everything else. It's not cheap, though. Getting an STD from oral is a lot less likely than from vaginal or anal, so if money is a concern (or explaining the money is), try drinking more water for a few days and see if that helps the burning.

Are you having any other symptoms? Any pain, aching, erectile dysfunction, changes in ejaculation, etc?
Thanks! I have been drinking more water since the issue started and noticed the burning sensation has reduced a lot. I will get a test done if the issue resurface.
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As AJ said, you can get gonorrhea and chlamydia via oral sex. It's not common but it can happen.

3 weeks is more than enough time to get a good reliable test. Statistically it's unlikely but it's worth getting peace of mind.

Anxiety can feel symptoms especially altered sensation as you've mentioned lack of discharge (though alot of people do not get any symptoms at all).

Try drinking more water and get a test done, if the problem still persist see a doctor as it could be something like prostatitis or nsu which is caused by anything.
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Thanks! Drinking more water does seem to help so far.
Glad to hear it. I hope that's all it is. :)
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