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Burning tip post pee to Glans red dots

So, about a month a go I had a sexual encounter with a female. Oral without a condom and sex was with condom with a minute or two without.

About 3 weeks later I start feeling a burning post having a pee and a feeling of pressure in my groin. Went to the doctors who checked my pee and told me to drink plenty and it should go.

Panic stations hit me and I used doctor google and decided that I had chlamydia. I had no other symptoms other than the burning and the weird pressure in my groin. I had no discharge and no smell, my glans looked a bit clammy and sweaty though. I contacted the girl who said she was clean.

I ordered azithromycin online, not knowing whether I had chlamydia or not and took the full doseage. Weirdly I was pooping less when I had the burning sensations (prostate?) and pressure but I seem to be going a lot easier now and the pressure has gone, unsure if this is cause of the antibiotics or what?

I had been washing my glans with water to stop the after pee sting, yesterday I noticed 2 red dots on it. They are about 1mm and don’t hurt. They’re not really raised and they’re not blisters or ulcers, more like blood vessels. Have I caused these myself checking out my glans too much?

My glans looks shiny most of the time and at the urethra tip is still a little stingy post peeing. I’m definitely going to get tested, it’ll cure my bloody worrying, anyone been in a similar position?
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Here is the culprit. https://ibb.co/cmUpnG
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Update : The red dots seem to have faded a lot overnight, glans still looks a little clammy/sweaty. Still no discharge or smell, this is day 5 after self prescribing and taking the 1000mg of azithromycin pulls. I’m still going to get tested after the holidays.  Urethra tip burning post peeing has almost gone.  Any opinions?
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