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Buying vials online

I've seen women offering vials of vaginal secretions online, as well as "vagina lollipops." I have heard that buying worn panties online is safe for STDs due to mail times, is the same true for liquid in a bottle or pops?
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If by liquid in a bottle you mean, the vial of vaginal secretions then I wouldn't worry about STDs.  In order to get an STD  you really have to have sex for that; which means no condom use during a  vaginal or anal  intercourse.   We are talking about friction here, where the bacterial or virus is getting grinded inside your urethra or vagina, this is the act of sex.
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I intend to use it like lube, would that count for the friction?
Hi again,  

Sometimes I think I've heard them all, but this is good as you are asking the question that many were afraid to ask.  It's good to know before you go out there and do something you may regret later.

A sexually transmitted disease means that you can get it from having "insertive "
intercourse with someone else (risk increases when no condoms are used).

You describe a close enough situation to this person's question;


See Dr''s answer to number 4.

Be well, stay well.

Thank you very much for respectfully answering my question, and setting my mind at ease! Very appreciated!
Just to say, though, using anything supposedly from a human secretion for lube isn't wise.  It can have all kinds of things wrong with it that don't include STDs.  Plus, it's hardly likely to be what it's advertised to be.  I'd give a pass on this one.

I agree;  not entirely the best idea to placing said biological fluids on yourself, (STD's you don't have worry about it).  

If I am not mistaken, think he is looking for the pheromones effect , but yah you are right, nobody can say for certain what is in the box is what they say it is.

And what it's contaminated with.  Or infected with other than STDs.  And highly unlikely any pheromones would still be active or what effect they would have used that way.  I mean, you're already aroused if you're doing that.  Not something I would do, anyway.  Peace.
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