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Can ı do sex with my wife?

We have hpv(ı have warts) for three month. We didn't do sex this period. When we will do? She wants to kiss me or do blowjob but I'm still scared. I don't want to take virus again and again(ping pong effect), or spread different area.
So what can ı do? Can ı give her a hot kiss?
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Where is the hpv?  If it's not on your mouth, yes, you can kiss her.  Do you still have the warts?  The general rule is to wait to have sex (if they are on your genitals) for two weeks after they clear up.  If they aren't going away on their own fast enough, have you considered having them removed?  
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I had cryotherapy when ı saw warts(3 month ago). Now ı think ı don't have warts.  
I'm scared for mouth because we don't have warts on mouth but we can have hpv still(without warts). We can't know this and actually we did oral sex for one year before know hpv.

So what do you think? İf ı kiss her ıt can be dangerous?  When ı will kiss her?
If you are married, you both already have this strain. One of you just showed symptoms, and the other didn't. That's pretty common.

If you already have it, you won't be giving it to each other over and over - this isn't like chlamydia, where you cure it and then can reinfect each other. This takes time to leave your body, so you're fine.

You can kiss your wife. If your warts are gone, you can have sex with her, you can have oral sex, etc. You have the virus for several months, usually, before symptoms show up, so you both already had it for a while before you got symptoms.

Really, you're okay now.
Thank you :)
But ı don't understand two things:
1) so there is no ping pong effect, right? I saw a few information about ping pong effect, they say don't do sex  at least 6 months because of this

2)maybe ı had this virus only on part of genital area. Now if ı do sex(oral,genital,anal) can ı spread virus to mouth or anal area or to on another part on genital?(for example my warts were on inferior penis, now if ı do sex, can virus spread to superior penis or to testis?)

1) I don't know where you saw that, but no.

2) If you have warts on your penis, you have genital warts. The virus infects your genital area, and you can get warts in any place in that area. It doesn't just infect one spot, like your penis. People who have vaginal sex only can get anal warts.

The only way to get oral HPV is to give oral sex. Some strains are more common to the oral area than others.

The virus will run it's course. You both already have it.


"Brenda asks,

If i still have sex with my boyfriend before or after i get treated for the coposcopy will i make things worse by having sex with him without condoms?? or will it make no difference since he has my hpv anyways by now?

Chances are that your partner has the same HPV types that you have if you're in a long term relationship and having sex only with each other. Most experts think that the HPV virus doesn't 'ping-pong' back and forth between the same partners, so you shouldn't make it worse by having sex after the colposcopy."


"Partners who are sexually intimate only with each other are not likely to pass the same virus back and forth."

You really don't need to worry. Let your wife kiss you and be intimate with you, and don't deny yourself those pleasures.
Thank you, you are best :)
I don't want to ask again and again but ı wonder one last thing please answer me :)

My doctor said me "don't use razor blade for one year because you can spread virus (warts)" and also a lot of people say "my warts increased after use razor, my warts spread to anal from genital with use razor..." . İs that true? If this is true, why we can't spread or increase by sex. I thought that razor and sex effect with same mechaniscm.

No, that's not true. I wouldn't share your razor with someone who doesn't have, just to be really, really safe (I wouldn't share my razor with anyone, because of staph, MRSA, etc.).

It's quite likely these same people would have had their warts spread without shaving. As I said before, you can get warts anywhere in the genital area. Some people get a few warts, others gets a lot more. It's just the way your body responds.

Using your theory, women would spread it by toilet paper. People would spread it by drying off with a towel after a shower. Underwear could, in theory, spread it from one part of the genitals to another as it shifts and moves. We'd all have to be naked from the waist down in order to prevent any spread at all if that were true.

If you have active warts, I'm not sure I'd be shaving the area, though. That can cause all kinds of irritation. Personal preferences aside, pubic hair serves several purposes - https://www.healthline.com/health/purpose-of-pubic-hair

Trim if you want to while you have active warts, but I wouldn't shave.

And I hope you have let your wife kiss you by now.
Just ı heard from a few friend: they say my warts increased after shaved with razor. Or a friend said: "when ı shaved my genital area ı also shaved my anal area with same razor and then ı have anal warts now"
Actually ı did same thing when ı have hpv so ı wonder that can ı have anal warts now or can ı have warts on anal area at the future?(ı have never did the anal sex)

I didn't kiss my wife but ı will because of your effort hahaha. Thank you for your all answer
Warts spread. People can get warts on their inner thighs, and they don't have thigh sex, right? You might get anal warts, you might not. There is no way to know right now. If your warts haven't reappeared, chances are really good that they won't, and you won't get them anally.

Omg I hope you kissed your wife lol. Don't let HPV have this much control over you, your marriage and your intimacy.

Take care. :)

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