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Can BV or Yeast cause bumps and or blisters/ulcers

Hello, I came on this forum because I wanted to know if you can get genital bumps and ulcers/blisters from BV or Yeast infection. I'm sorry in advance if what I say is weird or too much information I'm new to this! I was in a relationship beginning in early December 2014 around late March/ early April we weren't sexual because we go to different schools and couldn't always find the time. During this period I used a bar of soap that I wasn't aware I couldn't use in my private area. I than began showing signs of either yeast infection or bv, I believe it was bv but I'm not sure but I've never had either and I was not able to get check. Between 7-14 after I first I noticed three blisters/ulcers ( no burning or tingling at this point, urination was warm but I mean when is it never warm lol ) in a line on the right side of my vulva near the opening, besides these my symptoms were increase in discharge ( white ) and increase in odor. I wouldn't say the odor was fishy per say but it definitely was not normal for me. I did tea tree soaks and warm water soaks and the blisters went away and odor left but a still had a little more discharge. About 3 after I first started having the infection when the symptoms lessened we had sex the odor didn't come back until we were almost done. We stopped dating because I found out he was cheating with his ex the entire time and he started accusing me of things because I believe his self conscious was making him feel guilty. We've had sex unprotected about three times. Since the last time we had sex in late April I've still had the slight odor and slight discharge. I stopped taking me bc so I've only had two periods since the infection started and since the first episode of blisters. Both times my period came I've gotten a bump. The second time which was a couple days ago I got one bump between my vulva and butt, closer to my butt, and after I took a shower where I did scrub in that area, the bump turned to an ulcer. Although it seems more like a scar but I guess you can it's an ulcer. Then a few hours ago I received another close to the last. Because I was touching it I think I made it ulcer or at least faster than it would've on its own. I have experienced no "burning" and I wouldn't say I've experienced tingling either just normal irritation before the bump appears like I would with a regular big pimple or ingrown hair. I have not ruled out herpes or any other stds (infact I've kinda told myself it's herpes and I'm already accepted it if I am positive) and I'm getting tested Monday morning I just wanted to know if it sounds like an uncommon case of bv or yeast and if it's possible I could get bumps or ulcers. Sorry if this is way too long I just really like details lol
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