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Can Chlamydia return?

I tested positive for Chlamydia almost a year ago.  Treated and symptoms went away.  Since then I have been only with one person (not the same person that gave it to me) for 9 months.  She has not been with anyone else so she swears... I have not been with anyone else.  Now after 8 months of having very regular sex, I have same symptoms I had before and got tested yesterday.  Results not in yet, but curious if we have not been with anyone else and she was infected when we met then wouldn't I have gotten it before now?  Could it be a return from my original infection?  Or is it just 100% that she cheated?
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It is completely impossible for a Chlamydial infection to return if it was treated successfully with Antibiotics.

What can happen however is that as we get older, our bodies can become more sensitive to certain bacterial strains & with men infection of the prostate can occur (BPH).

Relatively harmless bacteria could have made its way into the urethra & travelled down to the prostate, causing a flare-up of symptoms WHICH ARE NOT CHLAMYDIAL IN ORIGIN..

The other most common conditions are:

NSU/NGU which is both sexually & non-sexually transmitted (again through sensitivity to bacteria)

THRUSH/CANDIDIASIS - Yeast infection which can be commonly passed between partners - Symptoms include itching, redness burning, discomfort and sometimes discharge... THIS IS NOT AN STI.  

I certainly wouldn't rush to any conclusions regarding any form of cheating until you know for certain what it is.

However the likelyhood is that it wont be an STI.
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I absolutely agree with aldo. There are many things that could be causing your symptoms, which you don't describe, but before jumping to conclusions, wait for the results.

If it is chlamydia, it's not the same infection you had before.

Are they only testing you for chlamydia, or are they looking for other things, like a UTI, NGU, etc.?
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only testing for Chlamydia.. burning when I urinate (very slight), swelling just below the tip of my penis.  No discharge or pain... frequent urination... darker than normal urine.  
This could be dehydration (which can make your urine darker than normal and cause burning when you urinate), or perhaps an issue with your prostate.

While you wait for the results, increase your water intake, and if it's negative, and the fluids haven't helped, follow up with your doctor.
Test came back negative... a relief but also now wonder what caused the symptoms. Antibiotics cured them but a little worried about what caused them to begin with
It could have been so many things. NGU is a common infection - it's really any infection in the urethra that isn't gonorrhea.

It can be caused by a number of different bacteria, including normal mouth bacteria that can enter your urethra through oral sex.

It could also have been something like dehydration, which was taken care of my fluid intake, and the antibiotics were a coincidence.

You may never know. I wouldn't worry unless it happens again. If it does, make sure they culture your urine for all bacteria, not just chlamydia.

Glad to hear you are feeling better!
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