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Can I get STD from oral sex encounter

5 days back I encountered a prostitute. We had all type of oral sex without any precautions.
She gave me oral on my penis, I gave her oral and we had kisses.
The vainal sex was protected.
She told me she has no STD.
Considering she might by lying or was not aware of her STDs what chances I hav of getting a STD from her and specially HIV
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Hi her giving you oral is low risk for herpes, syphilis and gono. You giving her oral is low risk for herpes and syphilis
What about other STDs?
those are the std,s
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I inserted my tounge in her Vagina. Is it still safe?
its a risk for herpes and syphilis
How soon can I get tested for all STDs.
What about HIV risk?
hiv is zero  risk and testing is not recommended with out lip sores appearing a few weeks later or if you have a long term partner
I am married and have a long term partner.
But that one episode with that prostitute is worrying me.
I don’t want any STDs or HIV. I am just getting anxious.
I have itching in my body. Am I over thinking?
Hello. Its been 8 days now. I haven’t seen a doctor. Do I really need to?
I only have symptom of bad throat that too from day 2 of my encounter.
Also I m checking the tip of my penis again and again, its having a little discomfort. Can it be due to checking again and again?
Hi Dave.
Can you please reply to my query?
I don’t have a lip sore after 4 weeks?
I tested negative for all the STDs?
Do you think I am clean now?
My anxiety is not leaving me.
Shall I resume my sex life with my wife now?
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I went to see the GP yesterday and he said he will do the  tests next week.
Also he didn’t give any medicines as well.
Can someone please reply?
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I visited the Doctor yesterday and he said that I don’t need any testing as I
Don’t have any symptoms. Is he saying correct?
When I forced him still he said being a doctor he can’t do unnecessary testings.
I just have sore throat and no pus coming from Penis.
Anyone please comment as I am getting crazy
Can any1 please help me?
Hi experts
Need your advice
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Whyno ine is replying
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Please someone reply
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