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Can I get an STD from blood in my mouth

I'm 15 years old, and the other day I got with this girl at a party, and I came very close to giving her oral sex. I did though, use my hand to excite her at her vaginal area, and as embarrassing as it was, to my horror I saw blood on my hand. She claimed it was a cut from recent sexual activity. When I say that I came close to giving her oral sex, it means my tongue may have made contact once, before I backed away. If it did make contact, it was very small. Anyways, I began worrying about STDs, and two days later, (today,) I noticed that I was developing a sore throat. Is this some sort of STD? There is no way I can let my parents know about this. Also, there is of people out from the flu at my school so that could be it too.
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the way you described your actions would put you at a low risk for stds
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actually at no risk if you ask me
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I will say that you are at NO risk of getting an std from her blood, unless she is HIV/AIDs positive. Unless she had a break out of any types of sores, I wouldn't worry about stds. More than likely you are just freaking yourself out OR coming down with the flu that everyone else has.  Just remember; don't go down on them unless you KNOW they don't have any stds. I know it sucks, but really, do you want syphilis in your mouth? Keep it clean and careful and you can still have fun.
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Thanks jwia and john, that really helps. This forums seems to be a lot more helpful than yahoo haha.
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