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Can STD cause allergies?

Two and a half years ago I came down with severe tonsillitis. Tonsils blew out and where white covered, lasted two weeks. Slowly developed severe allergies later with sinus pressure (dry), lump in throat, inflammed throat, ents said it looked like airborn reaction, occassional cough when at its worse. Also severe acid reflux. Very bad reflux. Feels like a constant dry head cold. Was worried it could be std due to timing of this illness and past encounter. Had multiple hiv tests all negative, including rna test, and lymphcyte count normal two years after. Occasionally I get white **** still comming out of tonsils. Ent said thats normal. Other doctor said it could be EBV but no way to test.
Also I have two dogs who shed a lot. Seems strange to all of a sudden develop allergy. Had allergy testing done and found more allergic to cats than dogs, but had high antibodies to different bacterium and candida above normal. Could mold do this?

Going crazy,

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Allergies can creep up on us, so it could be a number of different things that would cause this.
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I'd have some allergy testing done.

You can develop allergies at any age.

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