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Can STD pass using sheets or towels?

About 4 weeks ago I was intimate with a girl which is not my wife. We were in some kind of pay per hour motel. The girl is very clean and I'm sure that she doesn't do that every day, and I know her for almost a year. There is nothing physically wrong with her and she is married for ~10 years as I am. For me this was a first time in 10 years. We were unprotected. For a week now I have some strange feeling inside my penis, followed by some kind of pain on both sides of the abdomen close to the thigh. There is also some burning after urination. The urine is clear most of the time. Lately, I feel lightheaded and sweaty, in the evening some fever eventually develops, making me tired and sleepy. No other symptoms are present for now. I turned to my primary doctor and he sent me to the urine STD panel PCR, which did not return yet. Being concerned, I watched the info over the net and got 1g AZITROMIYCIN followed by 3 days of 500 mg of amoxicillin x3 time a day. No improvement of the overall feeling. This makes me think that I have trichomonas of something that is not cured by the two types of antibiotics I used.
The question is this... Assuming that neither of us was infected before the contact, what could be the source? The bedding in the motel, the towels, the toilet seat? Also, What are the symptoms consistent of? Can I pass any of the STD condition to children by sharing utensils, bed, bath etc?
And last, but not least, considering no other symptoms are present, should I also get tested for syphilis?
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You are not going to have been infected by anything you lay on or used in the motel.  The fever does not sound like any kind of STD.   In the event you have any kind of STD you will not pass it on to your children by sharing utensils etc.
You will just have to wait until your test results come back.  Do you know what you were tested for?  If you have STD clinics/GUM clinics where you are it might be a good idea to be tested for Urethritis.  The is a symptom and not a specific infection.  Plenty of info on this site about it.   The test is simple, a swab will be taken from your penis and looked at (for white blood cells) under a microscope.  In the event you did catch anything from  your partner then the Azithromycin may have cleared it up.
It is important to know what you were tested for
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I totally agree with Iain79.

However, since you took all the antibiotics, you will have to wait a few weeks to test for anything else. It could give you false negatives on testing now.

Stop taking the amoxicillin, if you are still taking it. It's not a standard treatment for any STD, and it will lengthen the time before you can test again.

Make sure you are hydrated - dehydration can cause some of your symptoms. Drink plenty of water, lay off the alcohol and caffeine, as both of those are dehydrating.

If your symptoms linger, go back to your doctor.
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