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Can STD test be false negative after antibiotics?

So a couple of months ago I had unprotected sex with my new partner. (He hasn't got symptoms, maybe his sperm looks more yellow than usual and one morning I saw a clear discharge on his pants). Two weeks later , I had vaginitis with no discharge and bad smelling pee. Went to the gyno who only tested me on chlamydia and bv, gave me 6 days of azithromycin, 5 days ciprofloxacin and flagyl ovules. After that I felt fine , though the chlamydia was negative. I occasionally had yellow discharge and one arthritis. One week after the arthritis I also experienced the same vaginal discomfort with burning pee this time.(we only had protected sex). I was given the same treatment, didn't improve, got more flagyl got even worse. I waited 4,5 weeks to get a normal STD test but everything came back negative. Can all this antibiotics alter the test results? Im still feeling horrible, I'm scared to remain like that for the rest of my life.
P.S. I did have ultrasounds on kidney,ovaries, abdomen everything is normal, I don't have PID.
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