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Can Trich come back after treatment?

Three months ago a guy friend infected me with trichomoniasis. I was given a course of Flagyl 2 times a day for seven days. After those seven days, I was still experiencing symptoms of cramping in the lower stomach, so I went back to my gyno. I was then told to take Azithromycin 2 pills all at once and Flagyl 4 pills all at once. The dr. suspected an m.hominis infection and to be sure that I did not have trich still left inside of me prescribe that dosage of flagyl. I also got a second swab when I went in again for the cramps, and they did not find trich.  The cramping went away for a little while, and last month they came back. I did not know what it could have been until I started to have a lower back pain. I am prone to UTIs and figured I had the classic sign. I went to the ER and was given Macrobid, but that still did not work. I then was given Cipro last week, and I am still finishing up the medicine. The cramps are somewhat subsiding, and so is the lower back pain. I have been taking AZO Tablets an ibuprofen along with the Cipro
The Dr does not suspect any of these symptoms to be related to a trich infection. I have been reading that trich can come back after treatment is this true?
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Hi if treated correctly and is effective, trich will not come back
Thanks Dave. How would I know if it is effective. Today I did a vagina test using monistat swab and it showed negative for infections
swabs are not the most effective way for testing as can miss the germs but with trich you would still have a green discharge if you had it.
Ok. I never had green discharge with Trich. It was always waterybmy discharge looks healthy and normal.  Do you suggest getting retested
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