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Can condom leave smelly residue on penis and cause urithritis?

I had protected sex with older csw about 26 days ago. When she was removing the condom about 3/4 of the way off she accidentally rolled it back down. She then tried again and took it successfully off and then proceeded to clean my penis with wet wipes.I woke the next day and noticed I had residue on my penis head that smelled. After about 36 hrs post sex I had burning in urethra when urinating. It kind of goes when I drink plenty of liquids and has almost disappeared but comes back occasionally. Is this normal?
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Maybe you had a reaction to the wipe or condom, like an allergy or sensitivity.

36 hours is too soon to see symptoms of an STD. The absolute minimum is 2 days, and it's usually much longer.

If fluids are helping, are you dehydrated? Have you had a lot of alcohol and caffeine? Lay off those and drink water. If your symptoms aren't gone by Monday, or get worse, see your doctor.

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Sensitivty Reactions to condoms and lube are quite common and most of the times people confuse them with STDs, but as AuntieJessie said, there is nothing to worry about as STD symptoms would take longer to appear.
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