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Can someone with knowledge please help me...

Can anyone please look at these pictures and tell me whats wrong?!?
I am only 17 and I am so concerned
One day these bumps just appeared, first small and pink
Now they are red, and shiny
I have no idea what it is but I need input please
could it just be razor burn? Or just bumps like pimples?
I am so scared...
Please update forum or email my personal email at ***@**** with info
I looked at many STD pictures and couldnt match it too anything and thats what I am worried
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They look like ingrown hairs, but if they rupture, seep, become painful or very itchy, or last more than a week with no improvement, go to the doctor. You're probably fine!

Best of luck.
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See your Dr for bumps, they can be many different things. We don't look at pictures here and we don't write to personal e-mails.
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